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Every person has unique features that set them apart from others. But did you know that choosing
jewellery that matches the shape of your face can accentuate your features and can make you look even
more stunning? Be it earrings, nose pins or maang tikkas, the size and shape and even colour of these
items of jewellery can highlight or tone down your features and boost your confidence and unique
charm. Here’s a quick look at which design and style will match your face and get you a fixed place
under the spotlight wherever you go.

Round Face
Round faces are as wide as they are long. Those with round faces should go for earrings that contrast
with the roundness and provide an illusion of length and at the same time highlight features like the
eyes and nose. Thin long danglers and necklaces with pointed or geometric pendants will work well to
provide the longer, thinner look. Those who love nose pins can opt for small dainty ones or rings.

Oval Face
Oval faces are wide at the forehead and slightly longer than they are wide. People with oval faces are
probably the luckiest when it comes to jewellery. They can carry off just about any design and style with
panache. However, it would be nice to avoid jewellery that can create a more longish look to the oval
shape. While earrings can help to balance the length of the oval shape, care must be taken in choosing
them. If you’re in the mood for danglers, go for those that are short and fat. Studs and short earrings too
will help highlight your features well. What’s more, hoops and teardrop-shaped earrings also look
awesome on oval faces. When choosing neck pieces, go for shorter ones that stay near your neckline.
Nose pin lovers can go all out with any size or shape you fancy.

Square Face
A square face has more or less the same width from top to bottom. Since you already have a strong
jawline and cheekbones, choose jewellery that will soften the angular look—but just a tad (we love a
woman with sharp features). So, when choosing studs, go for rounded shapes or teardrop shapes. If you
are looking for danglers, pick thin and long ones over wide and short chandeliers. Hoops are another
classic match to a square face. Longish necklaces can also help to add length to the square face. Wearing
nose pins can also help soften your look in a very attractive way. Like for those with oval faces, any size
and shape should suit a square face too.

Heart-shaped Face
A heart-shaped face is broad at the forehead with a sharp chin. To balance out a heart-shaped face, opt
for choker necklaces or necklaces that lie very close to the neckline. For earrings, choose to wear
teardrop earrings or danglers that end just above your chin. This will help fill out the jaw and cheek area
and leave you with a fuller look. Large nose pins can also help add fullness to your face.

Pear-shaped Face

The pear-shaped face is the opposite of the heart-shaped face. This means that you have a narrow
forehead and a wider chin or jawline. Your jewellery should ideally soften the jawline and give a fuller
look to the cheekbones. And nothing seems to do this better than thin, long, narrow earrings. Nose pin
fans, go for small-sized ones or rings.
All these options are easily available at any Jos Alukkas store in gold, rose gold and platinum and inlaid
with diamonds, precious and semi-precious stones and enamel work. Also, visit the online store for
latest in jewellery.


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