Everything You Need to Know About Pink Diamond Engagement Rings

Some of the worlds most famous diamonds come in pink. From Queen Elizabeth’s favorite brooch to Jennifer Lopez’s previous engagement ring. So today we’re discussing everything you need to know about pink diamond engagement rings and how you can get one for yourself. 


Are pink diamond engagement rings more expensive?

So you want to get a pink diamond engagement ring, but now you’re wondering about the cost of these babies. Maybe you’ve already looked at a few and noticed that they are a bit more expensive when compared to normal diamonds. Why is that?

Pink diamond engagement rings are more expensive because they are exceedingly rare. You don’t just walk into a jeweler and see loads of pink diamonds on display. And that’s because the process of creating a pink diamond (in nature) is more intense when it comes to using heat and pressure on the stone when it’s embedded in the earth’s crust.

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How to pick out a pink diamond engagement ring

Picking out a pink diamond engagement ring isn’t really all that different from picking out a regular diamond for your ring. The only real difference is the hue of the diamond and sometimes the cost. But the most important thing you need to help you determine which pink diamond is right for you is the quality of it. 


Designing custom pink diamond engagement rings

Once you’ve picked out your pink diamond engagement ring it’s time to start designing a custom ring setting for it to be placed in. You’ll probably have to do this because pink diamonds are so rare that most jewelers don’t have them up for sale as is, they have to be designed by the customer. 

But don’t worry, it’s easy to design a custom pink diamond engagement ring with jewelers like Raymond Lee. Simple start by finding the perfect pink diamond stone for your centerpiece and selecting your idea exact cut, clarity, and hue of pink for your ring. Then from there, you’ll begin to choose your ring setting.

Helpful tips

If you’re looking for a pink diamond that’s a large karat you might want to consider having a solitaire setting to allow the center stone to shine properly without any other stones or flourishes adding a distraction.

Another option to consider is a halo setting. Having a circle of smaller diamonds will draw one’s attention to the pink center stone. The halo setting will also help protect the expensive center stone more than an exposed solitaire.

And If your special someone really loves the idea of pink diamond engagement rings, another option you should consider is buying a rose gold setting to really amp the pink factor of the ring. Rose gold is one of the newest and hottest trends in settings. You really just can’t go wrong with them.

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Final thoughts

We know that choosing an engagement ring is without a doubt a tough decision to make. And that things only get tougher when you add pink diamond engagement rings into the mix. But sometimes it’s just worth it to take a little extra time to pick out a ring that you’ll continuously fall in love with over and over again. 

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