Every Law School Grading Policy Change In One Chart

Since we’ve got deans running around claiming that “very few” schools are instituting mandatory Pass/Fail policies, we thought it was high time to put out the comprehensive list of the tips we’ve received so everyone can peruse the policies in place out there.

But then, it turns out we didn’t have to.

That’s because Reddit user “_Social_Distancing_” has done the work of a deity and already gathered all the grading policy changes into one omnibus Google spreadsheet. Check it out for all the data, but as a preview, here are the T14:

State University Change Caveat
1 CT Yale University P/F Mandatory
2 CA Stanford University P/F Mandatory Classes w/ no exams are optional
3 MA Harvard University P/F Mandatory
4 IL University of Chicago No Change No change for winter semester (ending 3/14/20). Pending decision re Spring semester (starts 3/30/20)
4 NY Columbia University P/F Mandatory
6 NY New York University P/F Mandatory
7 PN University of Pennsylvania P/F Mandatory
8 VA University of Virginia P/F Mandatory
9 CA University of California–Berkeley P/F Mandatory
9 IL Northwestern University P/F Mandatory C/NC
9 MI University of Michigan–Ann Arbor P/F Optional After grades posted
12 NC Duke University P/F Mandatory LARW optional
13 NY Cornell University P/F Mandatory
14 DC Georgetown University P/F Optional After grades posted

As of now, _Social_Distancing_ has data on 135 law schools, with either an “update pending” or “no report” on another 68 in the U.S. and Canada. If you have information on any of these remaining school, let S_D know.

Not all heroes wear capes.

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