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Summer is here and so is Jos Alukkas’s new breezy summer collection. These lightweight gold
chains, anklets and pendants are not just easy to wear but also super trendy and goes with
almost any outfit!

When one thinks of gold, they usually imagine heavy, elaborate jewellery with intricate designs.
Of course heavy gold jewellery is a great accessory option for Indian wear, especially traditional
Indian wear but light gold jewellery paired with the right outfits looks just as stylish and
comfortable too.

If you’re on a bit of a budget this collection is the perfect pick for you! With its affordable prices
and chic designs it’s the perfect jewellery for you this season.

Planning to wear linen and loose breezy outfits to beat the heat this summer? No worries, just
spruce up your outfits with the delicate gold chain with thin strands that is part of this collection.
It is lightweight and would make a smart, glamorous accessory for plain western outfits.

Thin gold anklets with pretty colourful beads can make a cute casual denim shorts and t-shirt
outfit even cuter! It would even make a perfect gift to give to a special one.

If you’re keen on buying something to wear with your traditional Indian outfits then take a look at
some of the gold chains with pendants from this lightweight jewellery collection. They are sure
to catch your eye and look great with ethnic wear.

So this season, beat the heat with some casual, cool clothes, lots of ice-cream and of course, to
turn up the style quotient try the fun, trendy, lightweight jewellery from the Jos Alukkas new
collection to add a little sparkle to your summer!



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