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Delicate, Exquisite Jewellery for Your Pretty Hands

Have you noticed that whenever people are out purchasing jewellery, they end up buying more of earrings and necklaces. Most of the glitter is reserved for your face and neck. Very rarely do we dress up our hands, which actually do almost all of the work. What would we do without our hands? So go easy on your hands and pamper them with some jewellery love. Read on for some interesting ideas:

  • Bangles: Who doesn’t love the jingle of bangles? Bangles add a touch of beauty to your hands and make them look extra pretty. While attending a function, you can accessorise your outfit by adorning matching bangles. Bangles look good, whether it is one piece or many. Sometimes just one statement gold or diamond bangle can elevate the style of the outfit look, making it look extra edgy. Bangles are an important part of any bridal collection. Bangles of different designs and metals complete the entire bridal look.

The Jos Alukkas bangle collection has something for everyone. If you are on the lookout for a simple beautiful piece, then there are single gold, platinum and diamond bangles, which are perfect for a work day or a simple gathering. If you prefer something heavy, there are also big, bold kada bangles, that sit pretty with a heavy ghagra-choli or Kanchipuram saree.

  • Bracelets: Bracelets may not be as heavy or chunky as bangles but they do have their special charm. A simple designed gold/diamond bracelet is well suited for office gear and is the best pick for a casual day out. With numerous designs to choose from, bracelet lovers dropping in at Jos Alukkas will be spoilt for choice. The gold, diamond and platinum bracelet collection has delicate floral and geometrical designs, which are sure to flatter all styles.
  • Rings: Rings add to the beauty of our fingers. While most people adorn the customary wedding ring, you can also add on other exciting ring patterns. From some funky new designs that will immediately draw attention to your fingers to gorgeous navratna rings and also a statement diamond beauties, there is a huge variety you can choose from. Jos Alukkas’ gold, diamond and platinum ring collection offers stunning diamond cuts, gold rings with embedded stones, simple platinum bands and lots more.

Now that you know that Jos Alukkas has a stunning collection to style your pretty, hard working hands, why wait!! Head to the nearest store and make that purchase right now!!










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