Beautiful One of a Kind Retro Engagement Rings

In the market for a new engagement ring? Check out these one of a kind retro engagement rings that put a twist on the traditional celebratory band. 

Retro engagement rings have always been in style. More so since celebrities like Scarlet Johansson and Miranda Kerr started sporting their gorgeous retro rings. These unique designs not only make the rings look stunning but it also makes them appear sophisticated and elegant.

Retro engagement rings offer a unique spin on the classic traditional round diamond ring. They look amazing in nearly any ring setting and they’ll make you feel like a true vintage princess. Below you’ll find a few one of a kind retro engagement rings that will melt your heart.

14k Yellow Gold Emerald Cut Ametrine Retro Square Ring, Cost: $1,395.00

This yellow gold emerald-cut retro square engagement ring is perfect for anyone looking to step away from the traditional style ring.

14k Yellow Gold Retro Style Diamond Band Ring, Cost: $1,495.00

Although it’s not technically an engagement ring, this yellow gold retro style diamond band could be used as one. It could also be used as a wedding band. Either way, it’s gorgeous isn’t it?

18K White Gold Cushion Cut Diamond Engagement Ring, Cost$28,995.00

This cushion cut diamond engagement ring is a simple cross between retro and Cinderella. Polished in its appearance, this ring would look gorgeous on any finger.

18K Yellow Gold Ruby Cocktail Ring, Cost: $1,295.00

Amethyst is making a huge comeback in the world of engagement rings. That’s why this yellow gold ruby cocktail ring is ideal for anyone looking for a unique retro style ring.

14K White Gold Sapphire Diamond Ring, Cost: $1,995.00

This retro sapphire diamond ring is a perfect ring for any princess. It literally looks like snow whites mirror. What else could you ask for?

Anything Goes

Expert Katherine Kim claims that she’s noticed a recent shift in the center stone department when it comes to engagement rings. Where stone cuts that might have once been considered unusual for bridal jewelry, such as halo, marquise, and even pear shapes, are now fashionable. She said, “I have seen more adventurous, modern, and exciting choices from our clients.”

Taking a similar approach, Gurki Basra claims that, “Brides aren’t necessarily pulling away from tradition but more so are making tradition their own.” Her experience at Barneys New York has taught her well. She also claims that among the top engagement ring styles that are shopped for at Barneys right now, there’s a mixture of stackable bands, colored stones, open rings, mixed metal, portrait-cut sones, and retro looks.

For those of you who are drawn to more non-traditional ring settings but might have a history of indecisiveness, Katherine Kim says “you can always reset your ring.” “We have couples come to us to redesign their engagement rings for their 10-year anniversary,” “It’s a great way to achieve a strong, modern, edgy look without committing to an engagement ring that pushes you past your comfort zone.”

Final Thoughts

What did you think about these one of a kind retro engagement rings? Which one did you like the most? Let us know in the comment section below!

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