Another Firm Announces Cuts To Salary Amid COVID-19 Economic Downturn

Layoffs and furloughs and salary cuts, oh my!

It’s been one of those days. The ravages of the novel coronavirus continue across the U.S., impacting both the health and financial stability of the country. Law firms — even those that consider themselves well-positioned — are feeling the pinch.

So, what’s the latest economic downturn news in the legal industry?

Fifteen percent salary reductions, that’s what’s going on at IP boutique Fross Zelnick. And partners are taking an even bigger (though the specific threshold is undisclosed) hit to their payday. The firm has framed the cuts as temporary, but as they say in an honest firmwide email, no one is able to predict at this point when we’ll return to normal.

Read the firm email below.

Hopefully, these measures mean the firm won’t be forced to layoff any employees.

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