An Expert Guide to Choose the Right Necklace For Your Loved One

A necklace complements the wearer’s neck. It is an elegant piece of jewelry that almost every woman likes. But choosing the right one for your better half can be quite difficult but not impossible. Here in this post, we will provide all the necessary information which will help you decide what type of necklace suits best for your lover and surprise her with a wonderful piece.

The Breakdown of Choosing the Right Necklace 

There are three factors that you need to make in order for you to pick her jewelry. These are as follows-

Shape of Face 

If you choose the right necklace, it would certainly complement the form of your lover’s face. You would undoubtedly get an advantage and a boost in your self-confidence if you knew how to correctly design a necklace and choose the best one.

Face Shapes That Are Round Or Oval

An Elongated Necklace Would Compliment the Face, Give It That V-Shape, And Help Bring the Eye Down An elongated necklace would complement her face and give it that V-shape. It would highlight her features while also framing her face. It would highlight the features while also framing the face.

Face with Heart Shape

A shorter necklace with a length between 16 and 18 inches might assist to soften the angles of her heart-shaped face, so consider wearing one of them.

Face with Square or Oblong Shape

A choker necklace would undoubtedly showcase the neck and make it seem to be longer, as well as aid to soften the harsh lines of the face.

Height of the Wearer

It might be challenging for someone who is either short or tall to find a necklace that is proportionate to her body and looks good on her. The following are some suggestions that will assist you in determining the appropriate length of a necklace according to her height.

If the Height is Short

You should look for a necklace that helps extend the person’s height but does not dangle too low if the wearer is under 5 feet, 4 inches tall. If your lover would like to wear a shorter necklace, choose one with a length between 16 and 18 inches; on the other hand, if your lover would like to wear a longer necklace, select one with a length between 20 and 24 inches; this will assist to extend the appearance of her height.

If the Height is Regular

A person with a height ranging from 5 feet 4 inches to 5 feet 7 inches would not have any difficulty selecting the appropriate length of necklace since any length would unquestionably complement and suit the wearer’s height. However, before deciding on one, you should first consider the shape of her body and the features of her face.

If the Height is Tall 

A person with a tall body can often wear a necklace of any length without it seeming awkward. When purchasing a short necklace, you should ensure that it will match the form of her face.

Body Type of the Wearer

Your lover’s body form is another important issue that you need to give attention to. Here is a helpful hint that may be used to identify the kind of necklace that best compliments her body type.

Pear Shaped Body

You should look for a necklace that gives the illusion of broader shoulders. The ideal length for a necklace to bring attention to the upper body is between 18 and 24 inches, as this will allow the necklace to lie comfortably just above the bust area of the wearer while also attracting attention to the upper body.

Hourglass Shaped Body

If she has an hourglass figure, it is best to wear a necklace that sits just over her cleavage since it will assist draw attention to her curves.

Athletic Shaped Body

If she has this sort of body shape, wearing a necklace that is longer than usual will assist give the illusion that her body is longer. However, in most cases, any kind of necklace would be suitable for someone with this body form.

Inverted Triangle Body Shape

If she has wide shoulders, a lengthy necklace will look great on her. This would assist in drawing attention to her waist, which is a smaller section of her body, and help her accentuate that area.

Trending Necklaces That You Can Pick for Your Lover

If you are looking for designs that might go really well with your lover’s beautiful neck then you can choose from here-

Gorjana Parker Layering Set

The skill of layering necklaces is one that may be difficult to master, but it is one that is made much easier when using a set that has already been put together. This gold Parker Layering set by Gorjana comprises two of the brand’s most popular necklaces, one of which may be worn alone or in combination with the other. 

The tag necklace is 19 inches long and has a length of 18 inches while the chain link necklace is 18 inches. Both of these pieces are constructed out of brass that has been 18K gold-plated and is ideal for wearing on a daily basis. Pair them with the most comfortable earrings for ears that are sensitive.

Kendra Scott Elisa Pendant Necklace

This well-known pendant necklace is an essential component of every woman’s jewelry collection and is among the very finest necklaces for women. In fact, one of these necklaces is purchased about every minute. It may be tailored to the exact specifications.

It may be purchased in either silver or gold, and there are a total of twenty-six different stones from which to choose. You also have the option of commissioning a uniquely tailored version. If you decide to have one produced just for your lover, you may choose from among 45 different kinds of stones and five different types of metals. Think about completing the look with a cocktail ring.