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A Lasting Gift

What do you gift kids on auspicious or special festival days? Most of us opt to buy children new clothes, expensive toys, treats of sweets and the like. But this time, how about gifting them a lasting gift? A gift that will not only create special memories for them, but also ensure the memories and the joy of the gift remain with them for a long time to come.

Yes, we are talking about gifting kids with jewellery. Gold jewellery will not only be a special gift, it will also be auspicious and perfect for the festive season. You can gift baby girls with cute earrings, and cuter pendants. The enamel colouring on these dainty pieces at Jos Alukkas give them a charmingly delightful look that is sure to catch anyone’s eye.  You can get matching sets of earrings and pendants and even bangles or bracelets. Gift baby boys with bracelets and chains so they look like cool dudes. With a little bit of patience, you might even get the newly anointed ‘dudes’ to go Yo! with their clenched fists. The special cartoon patterns and designs or even cute animal designs crafted by Jos Alukkas are sure to make any pendant or bracelet attractive. Bangles too, are a big hit with this age group as they are easier to manage on baby hands. That the bangles are adjustable, only give it an added advantage.

For toddler girls, try out some trendy, but pretty bangles and bracelets. From dolphins and butterflies to flowers, hearts, or fruits, you can find any pattern, be it chains, charms, bracelets, or earrings, at Jos Alukkas. There are super hero bracelets for toddler boys too, along with some trendy finger rings. These rings are sure to be a hit with boys as well as girls. Another special piece of jewellery you can gift a little girl is a gold anklet. This string of gold around tiny feet that are all set to walk all over the world is sure to melt any heart and is the ideal gift for your precious child.

So, what are you waiting for? Head right over to your closest Jos Alukkas showroom and buy a beautiful piece of jewellery for the youngest and most precious ones of the family. Or check out the online store at www.josalukkasonline.com.




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