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A “Brand” Success Story

Founded in 1964 by Mr Alukka Varghese, the Jos Alukkas & Sons Group has grown from strength to strength. It is now helmed by his eldest son, Mr Jos Alukka, with able support from his sons Mr Varghese Alukka, Mr Paul J Alukka and Mr John Alukka. Under the collective leadership of the Alukka family, the Group has touched new heights. Even when faced with innumerable difficulties, the single-minded focus and hard work of the Group helped it pull through turbulent times.

In the beginning, the Group opened showrooms in the home state of Kerala and slowly expanded their business all over India and abroad. It was the Jos Alukkas group, which introduced the concept of Gold Super Markets in Kerala. It was only later that other gold brands opened their Gold Super Markets. Jos Alukkas has also expanded its business into real estate with the setting up of Jos Alukkas Properties.

The brand has moved with the times and brought about many changes in its interaction with customers. This includes the launch of the online jewellery store – www.josalukkas.com. The products sold online are the same as those available in the retail stores and customers can be reassured about their quality. With their online store, Jos Alukkas has brought the convenience of hassle-free shopping right to the customer doorstep. This move has earned the brand a lot of goodwill and a happier customer base too.

Jos Alukkas has always been on the forefront of innovation. The brand has debuted many innovative designs, which have attracted customer attention. Unique and one-of-a-kind gold, diamond and platinum jewellery are always a treat for all customers, whether young or old. The brand has also launched gift cards, which you can gift your loved ones on their special days. With this gift card, they can purchase any jewellery of their liking. This is a wonderful gift because it gives the receiver the choice to pick whatever they like.

Over the years Jos Alukkas has expanded outside Kerala and has showrooms spread across major cities and towns in India. The brand’s jewellery also has a fan base among Indian livig abroad, mainly the Gulf, US and European countries. Every time they visit India, they buy lovely varities of jewellery, especially gold.

The major reason behind the Jos Alukkas success story is the faith and support customers have for the brand and its products. This success saga is the perfect example of how a brand will achieve its potential and scale new heights when it places customers and their trust first.


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