91 Gorgeous Engagement Rings Under $5,000

When De Beers Consolidated Mines, Ltd. (better known now as just De Beers) needed a way to advertise their diamonds in the midst of the Great Depression, their clever marketing team came up with an idea: convince the public that the only way for a man to prove his love was to buy an expensive diamond ring for her. The ad was so successful that it became only customary for brides to expect a radiant sparkler when being proposed to—over three-quarters of American brides wear diamond rings.

But because it’s 2018 and we’re (for the most part) millennials, we know better than to think the only way our S.O. can show us love is through their bank account (and consequentially carat size). Thanks to understanding retailers, the options for affordable engagement rings are almost unlimited. So, we picked out 91 of the most beautiful and unique engagement rings under $5,000, so you won’t break the bank with any of these options—and there are countless styles to choose from.

And you don’t necessarily need to sacrifice size for the smaller price tag. Take De Beers classic yellow gold princess-cut ring in yellow gold, which has all the classic glamour of your traditional solitaire diamond engagement ring. Or if you prefer a non-traditional gemstone, Retrouvaí’s diamond channel band ring with a barrel sapphire is a unique touch of color that will still look sizable and engagement-worthy on your hand. If you’re on the search for the perfect antique ring, Erstwhile’s Art Deco diamond engagement ring is flawless.

Looking for something a little different? This selection also features rings with modern settings, multiple stones, and trendy enamel, like KatKim’s floating diamond double ring, Gillian Conroy’s East-West set pear white diamond Sophia ring, Sofia Zakia’s Pleiades ring, and Nora Kogan’s enamel Cate ring.

No matter your style, these rings are proof that it’s not only possible to find your engagement ring on a budget, but that your dream ring doesn’t have to cost you a fortune. After all, the whole expensive diamond engagement ring trend was an advertisement anyway!

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