9 Women Share Why They Wear Fake Engagement Rings

The jewelry we put on every single day usually has meaning behind it. Sometimes we get dressed up and wear a string of pearls that’s been passed down to us from a family member. Other times we pull out our favorite costume jewelry for a night on the town with our friends. But for some women, one specific piece of jewelry can be something they put on for reasons that, at first, can seem a bit crazy.

Here, nine women open up about the reasons they wear a fake engagement ring.

It Keeps the Creeps Away

“I have a $15 fake engagement looking ring that I bought at a cheap fashion store in the mall. I pull it out when I’m at clubs, bars, or on vacation with my friends so that the creeps stay away. It’s funny because with the ring on, the number of people who hit on my goes down significantly. Yes, some guys still hit on me even with the ring on. It’s a sick world for women to live in—even ones who are perceived to be married or engaged.” —Susan R., 36

It Lets Me Focus When I’m Out

“I’m a bit of a flirt, so when I go out I wear a fake engagement ring—it serves as a guy repellant. That way, I can focus on my friends without having a line of guys waiting to talk to me or asking for my number. I don’t wear it for any other reason than I just sometimes want to have fun with my friends without attracting attention. It works!” —Rochelle F., 25

I Don’t Want to Ever Be Married

“I have zero intentions of ever getting married or engaged, that’s for sure. I don’t even believe in marriage. When I used to tell people at my old job that, or even friends back at home, they’d question me and annoy me to give them reasons. When I moved across the country, I bought a fake ring and wear it around people who I’m acquaintances with. Keeping the appearance that I’m in a committed relationship on the track toward marriage, makes people back off from questioning my personal life.” —Yael W., 32

I Hope It Gives My Partner a Hint

“I (no joke) am struggling because I should have gotten engaged like yesterday. All my friends are already married with kids. My boyfriend is procrastinating asking me so I bought a fake engagement ring and I wear it around him. He noticed it and was wondering why I bought it. I told him it’s to keep my finger warm until he finally makes the move. So far, it isn’t working, but I’m hopeful.” —Shelby R., 27

I Feel It Makes Me Look More Professional

“I’m a senior executive at a very corporate and well-known company. Most of my co-workers are male. The few females on my floor are all married with kids. I’m the only super single one. I felt like if I pretended all was going well in my love life (even though that’s a lie) then I’d be more well-respected. I don’t know if that’s true but I can say in the last year of pretending to be engaged, I got a huge promotion.” —Teresa G., 38

I Just Really Dig the Ring

“I saw fake engagement rings on sale at this store and I honestly didn’t even realize it was an engagement ring. It just looked like a cool piece of jewelry. I bought it and started wearing it and that’s when everyone around me freaked out!” —Erin W., 28

It’s a Good Conversation Starter

“I’ve always been a little odd and out there. I use my fake engagement ring as a conversation starter. When I go to networking events and people ask me about being engaged, I say, ‘Nope! This ring is fake news.’ They are super confused at first but then it makes me very memorable later on.” —Gina C., 34

I Haven’t Told Anyone the Wedding is Called Off

“Technically my ring is real. It’s worth about $5,000 and was bought by my ex-fiancé. We called off the wedding a month ago. I haven’t told anyone. I still wear the ring. I kept it. I have no intention of getting back together with my ex or giving the ring back. I do plan to take it off and stop wearing it eventually. But for now, it’s just easy to keep on and not let anyone know that we broke up until I’m ready to tell them.” —Wendy F., 35

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It Keeps My Male Co-Workers Focused

“I’m the only female employee at my company. I work with a bunch of dudes. They are so inappropriate and hit on me like crazy. Last year, I lied and said I had a big and strong boyfriend named Jack. They believed me and I kept the lie going and then got myself a fake ring. I’m single, by the way. But this lie has helped make them back off and treat me like a fellow employee and not a piece of meat.” —Parissa C., 27

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