6 Best Princess Cut Tacori Engagement Rings

Princess cut diamonds have maintained popularity throughout the decades.

Tacori is one of the biggest names in handcrafted princess cut engagement rings and offers an array of settings, sizes, and styles.

Looking for the unique piece that fits your priceless gem just right?

Here are 6 eye-catching Tacori engagement rings that will have you and your fiance saying “I do” to this timeless and exquisite cut.

From big, bold, and beautiful, to light, delicate, and dainty, Tacori engagement rings have something for everyone.

Remembering your own, or your fiance’s style is important when looking at Tacori engagement rings since each diamond is cut differently to suit unique preferences.

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1. Tacori Blooming Beauty – Style #HT2520PR75

Stand-out in this Tacori princess cut diamond that looks fit for royalty, but is designed just for you. This antique looking, heirloom-inspired ring is created with a halo of pave-set diamond rings accenting the main feature.

Adding to the unique design, the profile is decorated with diamond studded crescent patterns providing an over-the-top level of elegance and class.

This exceptional ring will be cherished for a lifetime by you and your fiance.

Tacori Blooming Beauty Princess - Style #HT2520PR75 Tacori Blooming Beauty Princess - Style #HT2520PR75

style #HT2520PR75


2. Simply Tacori Engagement Ring – Style #2569PR6

For the bride-to-be with an eye for detail, this dainty and sophisticated ring has intricate and exquisite designs along the profile.

The band is flanked with two trillion cut diamonds enclosing the main princess cut center stone. With a contemporary look and a carefully designed delicate band, this one-of-a-kind Tacori ring is the perfect balance of glam and class.

Having just the right amount of sparkle and shine mixed with style and grace, this engagement ring will have you, your fiance, and everyone else admiring its finely crafted features.

Simplicity with a timeless twist, everything from the princess cut to the shimmering accent diamonds will have you at hello.

Simply Tacori Engagement Ring - Style #2569PR6 Simply Tacori Engagement Ring - Style #2569PR6

style #2569PR6


3. Tacori Engraved Princessa – Style #CR45

Take a second, and perhaps a step back to take in all this shine and sparkle.

This glammed-up princess cut design features one large diamond flanked by two smaller stones, three channel set diamonds extending half-way down the band, and pave-set round diamonds.

Living up to its name, this one-of-a-kind engagement ring offers an intricate engraved design along the side of the band accenting the elegant prong setting.

Not a single part of this high-fashion ring goes unnoticed with beautiful engraving covering every inch.

Tacori Engraved Princessa - Style #CR45 Tacori Engraved Princessa - Style #CR45

style #CR45


4. Clean Crescent Tacori Engagement Ring – Style #32-3PR75

Clean and classic, this Tacori Crescent ring is made for the sophisticated bride-to-be.

Tacori doesn’t do plain, but this sharp and simple look does a great job at looking high-class without a lot of pomp and circumstance.

The Assher-cut diamonds across the top half of the band add interest to the shape and shine of the overall look, only enhancing the stunning center focus: the princess cut diamond. The profile view offers a classic French cut feature, reminiscent of a scallop design.

A timeless piece with a contemporary feel, you can’t go wrong with this fresh look.

Tacori Clean Crescent Engagement Ring - Style #32-3PR75 Tacori Clean Crescent Engagement Ring - Style #32-3PR75

style #32-3PR75


5. Ribbon Tacori Engagement Ring – #2573PR7

Ribbons are made for winners, and you will definitely feel like one whether you are giving or wearing this Tacori ring.

Two almond-shaped crescent diamonds flank a princess-cut center stone on a polished ring body made for a bride-to-be with an eye for elegance.

With diamonds emphasizing detailed Crescent Silhouettes from every view, this stunning engagement ring offers a classic and unique aesthetic.

For the fiancee who is traditional, stylish, but still wants to stand-out, this ribboned band is the way to go.

Tacori Ribbon Engagement Ring - #2573PR7 Tacori Ribbon Engagement Ring - #2573PR7

style #2573PR7


6. Full Bloom Tacori Engagement Ring – #55-2PR65

This head-turning Full Bloom ring is fit for a queen!

No one will look past this stand-out piece that will take over any conversation.

Of all Tacori engagement rings, the beauty of this princess cut center stone is most overwhelming, only enhanced by a blossom of diamonds. The clean crescent look is given a contemporary touch with open spaces allowing light to shine through at every facet.

Don’t shy away from standing out in this bold piece, with a statement that can be seen from across the room.

Tacori Full Bloom Engagement Ring - #55-2PR65 Tacori Full Bloom Engagement Ring - #55-2PR65

style #55-2PR65


Tacori is known worldwide for their superior quality and intricate craftsmanship. One of the most highly desired brands by soon-to-be-engaged women, each of Tacori’s rings is individually handcrafted in California with a unique artistry that is worth investing in.

One-of-a-kind, princess cut Tacori engagement rings are not only symbolic of your love, but of your bride’s royal standing in your heart.


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