47 Pear Shaped Engagement Rings for Every Bride

Don’t call it a comeback. We’re seriously loving pear-shaped engagement rings right now, and we’re not the only ones. Carrie Bradshaw may not have loved her pear-shaped diamond (“with a gold band”), but that was so 2002! Pear-shaped rings are having a resurgence and for good reason; they’re timeless, chic, and really stand out.

We all know the cut: pointy on top, rounded at the bottom, otherwise referred to as a “teardrop.” No matter its size, a pear-shaped diamond always seems to sparkle just a little bit more than its counterparts.

Opting for a teardrop on your ring finger allows you to you keep things simple or go more extravagant—variations range from minimal solitaires in classic settings to ornate, vintage-inspired styles to modern takes with gemstones, clusters and unconventional settings. Then there’s the entirely unconventional shapes, perfect for those inclined to forego tradition.

Set in yellow, white, or rose gold, there’s no doubt the teardrop shape makes an impact—even the most modest pears standout. If you prefer a bit more drama, however, go for the pavé halo or double-shank band.

Bonus tip: A pear shape can feel easily customizable as it can be worn with the diamond facing up or down, lady’s choice. We’re for ultra-modern versions too, East-West settings are gaining popularity and fast.

Have we convinced you sufficiently? Browse our favorite pear-shaped engagement rings to find the perfect one for you. Then, start dropping those hints.

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