38 Small Engagement Rings for the Simple Bride

Believe it or not, not every woman wants a giant diamond for her engagement ring. Gasp! With a more minimal aesthetic, she’s instead drawn to a small engagement ring and dainty diamonds that are demure but still exquisite. We love this aesthetic—there’s something about a small engagement ring that’s achingly chic and feels impressively one-of-a-kind. Not to mention a small engagement ring will typically cost much less than a flashier ring.

While a small engagement ring is much less attention-grabbing than a larger cut stone, this by no means equates to a boring or less than extraordinary style. Teensy stones and delicate bands come with beautiful designs that can appear even more intricate than bigger baubles.

If you like a classically cut stone in a pared-back setting, a dainty solitaire or three-stone ring perfectly sleek, delicate, and sophisticated. For more character, cluster rings, milgrain bands, and off-kilter settings feel distinctive. Or, you can opt for a teensy engagement with a nesting band to get in on the wedding stack trend that guarantees a unique look. A diamond band sans center stone is also an option where you go with a style have has all round diamonds or a mix of cuts for something a bit more standout.

If you’re the non-showy type, peruse our edit of dainty diamonds and small engagement rings ahead. We guarantee there’s one for you.

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