Zoom Civil Procedure Conversation Interrupted By Naked Man

Oh, the brave new world quarantine hath wrought. A year ago this headline would have been absurd, but we’ve already had a Harvard Law kid brandishing a gun on Zoom, so eh, par for the course.

Anyway, this find comes from our friends at Roll on Friday. Although the exact providence of the call is unclear, they note, “It is understood to have been a call between legal sorts, with Civil Procedure the intended subject of the call (before a willy derailed it), and what appears to be the Lexis Nexis logo can be seen in one of the tabs.”

Anyway, as can be seen in the video below, a participant named “Ben” appears without his shirt on and, in short order, he stands up revealing exactly what god gave him. You can hear folks saying “Oh my God!” “Ben!” and the ultimate in passive aggressiveness, “Let’s make sure everybody has clothes on.”

Anyway, enjoy(?!?) the Zoom etiquette faux pas!

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