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sell your jewelry

Everyone has their unwanted jewelry. The diamond necklace, which used to be around your neck, some gold pieces of jewelry used to be in your jewelry box, some of the exclusive pieces you used to love faded as time passed by. So we all have jewelry that we no longer are a fan of or excited about. Some people don’t wear them. 

 Selling your jewelry may be the perfect option to get rid of your unwanted jewelry, and for that, you need to have certain knowledge about where and how to sell it. It may seem hard for many new people as you might not know where to get started. So here are a few tips for getting the perfect value and the perfect place for selling your jewelry items, such as your necklace, ring, and bracelets. 

Knowing the worth of your jewelry

The first thing you need to know is worth it. The value of the piece of jewelry is the first priority when it comes to selling your jewelry. Everyone has a different attraction towards their jewelry, whether it be old or new. Everyone loves their piece of jewelry. For some, it may be more precious as they kept the hold of it for several years or got it as a gift, or it may be a long time-saving purchase. 

 There are many factors that are needed to be considered when determining the value of your jewelry, as the current value of a piece of jewelry is not always the same. Because you know the value always keeps fluctuating. So you cannot place any emotional value on your precious piece of jewelry because the emotional value is very different from the market value. The market value does not depend on your choice, so your jewelry’s price may affect the pricing sense if you do not have enough ideas while selling your jewelry. 

 Moreover, some factors really impact the pricing of jewelry. If your jewelry has damage and has been treated to regain its own structure, then it will definitely impact the value. It is pretty obvious that any kind of repair always affects the quality of your jewelry. So knowing the worth is a must for getting the best price for your jewelry. 

Determining the correct value of your jewelry

Now there is a very common question prevailing everywhere about the best way to determine the value of your jewelry. The best way we would suggest to determine the perfect and the best value for your jewelry is to appraise your jewelry from a certified jewelry appraiser or come to us. We can help you to appraise your jewelry and give you the best market value for your jewelry. We have very professional and highly certified appraisers who always carefully determine the retail replacement price for your piece of jewelry. 

 The retail replacement price actually means the replacement value of your jewelry compared to the current retail market. But everything does not go on the plan. So the problem you will face after having a good value from the appraiser is the pricing from the buyer. You are not guaranteed to get the same price from a buyer as you got after appraising your jewelry. The value which is assigned after the appraisal of your jewelry is not sometimes suitable for a buyer as it is a used piece of jewelry. So the reselling price will be slightly less or more than that of your appraised price. 

 So for that, you might get into trouble and may worry a lot but don’t worry at all; we have your back. We can ensure the best price for your jewelry, and hence you can be tension free. We have our special expert team who can help you understand your jewelry price and get a suitable client to sell. 

Tips if you want to sell your jewelry fast

The second most important thing to know is to remain informed. After getting the best value for your jewelry, you need to think about the time you want to sell. You need to consider time as it depends on you for how you can quickly sell your jewelry. In case you want a fast sell or an immediate sale, then the options will come in a limited amount. As selling for cash hand to hand is not a very common method to sell and most of the buyers are not willing to pay instantly. The limitation will also occur on where you can sell as buyers are always not ready with cash. There are many pawn shops you can visit. As only pawn shops can help you with the immediate sale of your piece of jewelry. You also need to roam many pawn shops in order to find the perfect shop for getting the best price for your jewelry. Also, another reason for visiting multiple pawn shops is to get a considerable price range comparing the price with a broker. After you have done your research, then and only then can you have a clear concept of the pricing for your jewelry. 

 If you wait for some time, you have a good possibility of getting a better price for your jewelry. You can consider some other options, such as putting a new stone or getting a new style placed on that ring to improvise the price and get a good amount. Whether you choose to sell immediately or you sell after doing some research, Divorce, Your Ring will be the best option for you, and make sure you call us beforehand so that we can guide you to the right buyer, and hence no time will be wasted. Our expert team can help you guide and give you more options to sell your jewelry.  

Be one hundred percent realistic

The final important thing you need to consider is to be realistic. You may think that you got your jewelry appraised and got a good value. Even you may reduce some value and may think that this is the best price for your jewelry, and you will exactly get that amount of money from the buyer. Then you are completely thinking unrealistically. Because we previously mentioned that the current market price does not depend on your price. So everything depends on the current fair market price, and for that, you may fall in trouble for estimating the wrong value for your piece of jewelry. 

Setting a price range for your jewelry

The best thing to do in this case is to set a price range for your jewelry. This will considerably ease your task as you don’t need to fall into any kind of trouble for not getting the exact price. For example, if your jewelry’s reselling price is one thousand dollars, you need to set a price tag between eight hundred dollars to one thousand dollars. So in case some buyer offers you nine hundred dollars, then you will find it as a good price, and hence it will be easy for you to sell. On the other hand, if you don’t set a price range and with a determination want to sell it for one thousand dollars, then no one will buy it and also if someone offers nine hundred and fifty dollars then your mind will not consider for you to sell. So that’s why having a price range is very important. You can have a chat with our experts to give you a good price range so that you don’t need to worry about that.

Online or Offline nothing matters during sell  

Now the fact comes which Platform you will use to sell the jewelry. It can be offline or online. This era has made our work very simple. Now you can easily sell your jewelry online from home. It doesn’t matter that the jewelry is used or new. The matter that comes when selling is how much value you want to set for your jewelry. Everyone in this beautiful world wants to set the price range from the upper range. Here comes the difficulty of which market will accept the jewelry from a higher range. So, everything that deals need to be handled securely and carefully.

The offer does not last long

When it comes to the selling place, the first thing which comes to mind is to find the best market dealer that will offer you a fair price offer. If you think of selling in a near area to the normal jewelry shop, it will become a great challenge for you to start. Now the price of retail market shops starts with a higher range. Moreover, there is a matter of giving interest when selling locally. Most people start selling through the local shops, but they can’t deal with the fair range at some time period. So, online selling is the best option they run after that. It’s very obvious that the local jewelry shopkeeper does not have that much amount you expect. That’s why jumping to online business is the best option to start. We are amongst the nearby places that buy gold near you, and we also sell engagement rings. The best place to buy gold near Dallas is our company. 

You can go to pawn shops for selling your jewelry

Before that, you need to know the perfect reason why you should start online instead of going offline selling. The shops which you are going to visit offline are Pawn shops, local jewelry stores, Consignment shops, etc. Talking about the local store before, we mentioned that you would not get your expected rate from them as the retail price is significantly higher. You need to search for lots of local markets to deal with more than the jewelry’s original price. The Consignment shops are easy to get, but the trust issue is less than 60%. Besides, it will take lots of time to deal with them alongside you need to pay the maximum of 50% consignment rate. Hurry for getting cash in exchange for the jewelry can be done only in the Pawn shops. But the problem is you need to lower your expected rate before dealing with them. On the other hand, valuable jewelry will always be at risk in the Pawn shops.

Is eBay a good option for selling your jewelry

Now, there are some online shops which you can use to deal with your selling jewelry. eBay is one of them. From sitting at home, you can sell your jewelry by communicating with them through their web pages. Every second they deal with more than 1 million jewelry items, and most of them are placed on sale. But there is no expert who is dealing with the process, so that is why it is difficult to get the true value of your piece of jewelry. Also, there are many scams that occur, and it does not sound safe to sell your jewelry to them. 

The best option for sell jewelry: “Divorce Your Ring”

If you are willing to sell, then there is no perfect option and better ones than Divorce Your Ring. Our company has various ways to sell your jewelry, and we have experts who have developed a professional method to sell your jewelry. We only sell your item to qualified buyers, and we ensure to provide you the best value for your item. Moreover, you are not needed to come to our store. We have an online option. In the case of online, you just need to upload a good picture of your jewelry and give some details related to the piece of jewelry, and you are set to go. After we get your item, it will be given to our expert team to handle, and thus your work will go smoothly. Our delivery is very quick. We try to sell your item within ten to fourteen business days and thus you are ensured to receive your money as soon as possible. And most importantly, your item will be kept safe the entire time, and you don’t need to worry about that at all. So if you think about where to get gold buyers near Dallas, then you can come to us. If you are looking for cash for gold near Dallas, you can come to us.

Some of the benefits you will get if you sell through us

Our company is dedicated to giving you the best price, and hence we consider your jewelry to hold sentimental value. That is why we always ensure that your jewelry is going in safe hands while selling your jewelry. We sell your jewelry in a smart way, and thus it is our mission to offer a secure and smooth process that allows the highest price for your jewelry, and also we ensure that it gets the highest bid at auction. If you think about where to sell gold near Dallas, the best jewelry stores in Dallas and the best way to sell jewelry. You can visit us, sell your jewelry in Dallas through us.

Our policy of Full Insurance Coverage

You are worry-free after you give your jewelry to us until it arrives at our office. When you submit your jewelry to us, we completely take responsibility for your jewelry, and thus we give full insurance and provide you with a proper shipping label.  

Our free Complimentary Grading of Diamond

 In case if you have a piece of diamond jewelry, then we will grade your diamond by the best diamond graders in the best gemological labs so that the value of the item can be fully determined. Also, if you give your diamond jewelry to our store and sell through us, then we will do all the cleanings and photographing of your items. As GIA, we provide the best diamond graded service that you can get.  

Professional Platform of buyers

We have access to professional jewelry buyers who have a network throughout the nation, and for that, you can be ensured to get the best value for your item. The best place to sell jewelry near Dallas is through our company. We deal with both buy and sell and if you are looking for the best place to sell your jewelry near you, then we are the best one for that. 

The entire smooth process

 You have no work to do at all. We provide the best buyer, so you don’t need to look for it at all. We will do grading, photography, and we also have a smooth network with professional buyers throughout the nation. Our delivery process through FedEx will also ensure to deliver the product with less time as soon as possible. 

Dedicated expert team

Previously we have mentioned our expert team. Our expert team handles all the processes smoothly, and for that, we have hired them to ensure the best service. Also, they are always ready to talk to you. Along with our customer service team, all our service team is available to help with any kind of problem. You can contact us.

 Our target is to sell your jewelry at the best price possible, and also, we don’t deal with a single jewelry buyer. We work with international and with multiple jewelry buyers, and thus you are definitely getting a very good price for your jewelry. True market value is hard to get, but it may be hard for other companies. Divorce your ring deals with the best value for your item.