where to get jewelry appraised for free near me

where to get jewelry appraised for free near me

What does an appraisal of jewelry refer to?


The process of placing a specific and estimated value to a piece of jewelry by an experienced professional who is certified enough is known as jewelry appraisal. It is basically done for some specific reasons such as insurance, tax, or for reselling. The appraisal is carried out when you receive a proper explanation process with accurate measurements from an expert and professional appraiser. All the jewelry’s statements and values need to be appropriately appraised with signed documentation from a certified appraiser. We Divorce Your Ring in retail market price will provide you jewelry appraisal for your jewelry.

We have always been very clear with our customers. Along with a flexible buy, sell, and exchange options, we provide our clients with jewelry appraisal, and we encourage them to appraise their jewelry in every two years. We are very famous in Dallas and perhaps amongst the best-valued jewelry appraisals in Dallas. We always suggest our clients appraise their jewelry accurately as gold, diamonds, silver, and other precious stones and gemstones always keep fluctuating. So we are always sure about it and let our clients know the latest and updated prices of all types of jewelry. So, if you are looking for jewelry appraisals near Dallas, then don’t waste your time and money by going anywhere else; come to us. We are the best appraisals out there.

There are many occasions for you to appraise your jewelry. But from our previous experience, we see people mainly appraise their jewelry for the following reasons:

  • When they decide to resell their jewelry
  • When they change their insurance company
  • Keep trust and put a piece or will to do it
  • Add more details to the piece
  • Customize a piece of jewelry and adjust its price
  • Proving ownership to a dedicated insurance company

jewelry appraisals

Types of appraisal 


In addition to the appraisal, as mentioned above, there are some more appraisal types that people do more and are familiar with. Each of the appraisals is done for some particular reasons, and it does more depend sometimes in situations too. The most popular one among the types is Replacement or change of insurance. This appraisal value depends mostly on the time remaining and the insurance coverage for the piece of jewelry. Among the other appraisal types, insurance replacement has the most detailed descriptions. Especially with the quality and condition of the piece of jewelry. The item is judged based on color, carat weight, cut, and clarity embedded on the part of jewelry, whether it be gold, diamond, or any gemstone. Sometimes the value depends on the age of the piece of jewelry, and also the amount increases if it has any historical essence. So after some specific details of the piece of jewelry, the item is appraised, and the replacement value is generated based on the comparable kind, quality, and condition.

Another type that is rarely requested to appraise is the Divorce type. The primary purpose of this type of asset’s appraisal is to divide a marital estate’s perceptible belongings equally. Specific state criteria determine the value. It is also dependent on the agreement between parties and the court’s respected decision. The costs are set based on the current market value, liquidation value, and best replacement value. Sometimes deals are accreted based on the market cash value. The details are also a matter of agreement or announcement. The final type of jewelry appraisal is the distribution or the equal division type. In this type, basically, the distribution is done relatively among its heirs, and the value is distributed financially. The estate administrator takes the decision, and the amount of the piece of jewelry depends on the administrator’s agreement with the heirs. Generally, for the part of jewelry to be appraised, the detail explicitly provided in the report is sufficient. Soon, the characteristics on which the value is based on is highlighted primarily. Some common types of value generated by the estate administrator are based on the fair market value, market cash value, and liquidation value. So, all these types are the way our company appraises a piece of jewelry.

jewelry appraisals

Jewelry Appraisals necessary things


There are some essentials that we take into consideration and appraise a piece of jewelry. The first one is the elaborated description. The part which is being appraised, which needs to be a detailed and accurate description, should include color, size, brand, uniqueness, etc. These things are enough to describe the piece of jewelry, and the interested person will definitely get to know the details about the piece of jewelry. Moreover, for insurance purposes, a very detailed description is essentially required. So an accurate, detailed description is necessary for doing the appraisal of a piece of jewelry.

The second most important thing though not necessary is doing perfect photography. Photography is a great way to let know enough details about the piece of jewelry. In case an item is lost, or sold a photograph can be used to identify the entity. When customers or clients have any sorts of questions, then a clear picture of the piece of jewelry can have them answer their questions, and thus it can be beneficial. The appraisal process becomes relatively easy and flexible when there exists a perfect photograph of the piece of jewelry. Moreover, while selling an item of jewelry, a picture of the item can undoubtedly sort out any misconception about the piece of jewelry. So, having photographic proof of the jewelry can determine if the amount of jewelry really belongs to the seller or not.

The third most important factor of appraisal of a piece of jewelry is the value. Generally, the current market value is placed upon the jewelry during the assessment. We make sure that if the value of the piece of jewelry is inflated or not. This will definitely not violate the appraisal, but it can harm the premium facility, which includes the coverage when the item is lost or stolen. Typically, most of the policies state that in case the jewelry is lost, then the appraisal value will handle the cost. Out of everything, the most important thing is to have the jewelry appraised by a certified appraiser, which our company ‘Divorce Your Ring’ genuinely provides. It is indispensable to appraise the piece of jewelry by an experienced and knowledgeable appraiser who has a very decent idea about the current market will not indulge in a false or inflated appraisal.

After that comes the Sales tax, which is definitely essential before the appraisal of your jewelry piece; now, it is a good idea to include sales tax when the piece of jewelry is being appraised for the purpose of insurance. It is to keep in mind that not all appraisers will contain sales tax in the appraised value. All this needs to have a one on one contact with the appraiser. From our previous experience, we see that the sales tax is necessarily not required when the appraisal is done for the sole selling of the piece of jewelry. For this essential thing, the sales tax, the appraiser will mostly determine the value by its current market value.

The last but not the least is the treatment or the repaired information. The first and foremost thing is to disclose our respectable consumers about the treatments or any kind of repair done to the piece of jewelry. It is, in fact, a rule of the FTC, which is the Federal Trade Commission. Other than polishing, cutting, or repairing, any kind of treatment done to the piece of jewelry in order to enhance the beauty or improve the appearance of the jewelry is included in this category. Some common treatments are surface coating, bleaching, giving heat, filling a cavity, etc. Any kind of treatment done to the piece of jewelry need to be included in the appraisal.

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