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Where to buy engagement ring

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Shopping for an engagement ring may be very exciting for someone. It is always overwhelming for everyone. Now, as there are so many options, scrolling through the new retail shops, which are your favorite ones, are not enough. The main thing you must consider before buying an engagement ring is that an engagement ring is a massive purchase, so if you want to get the right one, then you should definitely do your research first. Before you buy, you need to decide where to buy the ring from. But there are certain things you need to clear beforehand about your purchase. What is the best style suited to you? Is vintage your style, or is modern your style. Do you consider natural diamonds more stylish than both vintage and modern? Afterward, which is your favorite cut. Is it the round cut, radiant cut, oval cut, or the emerald cut? Do you even consider a marquise cut more than any other cut for your engagement ring? Sometimes people barely think of any of these and directly go for the budget. They mostly look for affordable rings rather than its quality. Affordable engagement rings are found predominantly in lab-grown and which are referred to as lab-grown diamonds. You need to see other stones also such as the morganatic stone, white sapphire stone, or moissanite stone. Some people even go for a random gemstone when buying an engagement ring. Also, you need to think if you want a normal classic setting or do you want to create a unique design, which is one of a kind. Now the main thing is where I can get so much flexibility. Don’t worry us. Divorce Your Ring is always there for your service. Anytime you need help with any information for engagement rings, come to our store or contact us. You will definitely get superb service.

Our company has been known as the best diamond store since the beginning of its journey. The reason is perfect and, in fact, optimistic because we carry the best collection, and our selections shopping on a budget can find their ring also with a suitable price range. Also, a meaningful quote is Love is eternal; there is no price for Love. But we are very much sensible about our customer’s choice, and in fact, we always try to help our customers by giving them flexible options to purchase their ring and stay within their budget limit. Our collection is the best in the market, and also they are all the latest collections. Customers can find and purchase anything from trendy style to classic style, which most companies and stores don’t have. Certain people show their interest in infancy and ultra-dramatic rings, and for them, we also have those rings which have glamour and lots of craving glitz in it. We are always concerned with our items, and our metals are verified and collected from an authentic source. We also have gemstones and diamonds, which are lab-created. And as always, we have our pre-set ring style with limited orders for our desired customers.

Are also impressive that suits any taste of buyers of engagement rings. Moreover, our options are plenty, and thus people who are.


engagement ring

The four clarification factors

We also have our special care for our customers. We try to provide our customers with sufficient knowledge to be well educated about various kinds of diamonds and engagement rings. We guide them about the proper selection of diamonds, and also we give them the basic idea about the 4 C’s. Cut, Clarity, Color, and carat are the four essential factors that are taken into consideration while we take our orders. Also, our most important rule is to provide our clients with continuous service. That is why our service team and technical team are always there for you to offer you 24/7 online service. We still care about our customers first. When our customers are comfortable then, and only then do we feel satisfied with our service. For all services, we also have an additional benefit, which is known as the finance service. This service’s primary role is to provide the customers with proper knowledge about the various financing options available for their purchase. Also, we always find the best-suited ring for our customers within their budget. We never push our customers to go over their budget when it comes to thousands of dollars.

Now there are certain factors that we definitely take into consideration when we suggest our customer for buying an engagement ring. The first suggestion that we give to them is not to follow the trend. See, the trend is good but not always. An engagement ring should be the best symbol to represent your Love, and it should be very classic and simple to express. As everyone believes, Love is forever, so it is a must to find the stone that best suits your loved ones. For getting an idea, you can look for their precious jewelry. That is when you can know her taste and can find the best ring for your loved one. You need to find cues from their daily living style and observe it very carefully and then find the ring which your loved one will wear for their whole life.

There are specific diamond experts who always push in to find the best diamond, which is overwhelmed with the four C’s. But in all cases, the four C’s, which are cut, clarity, color, and carat, is not considerable. Also, certificate grading is not always demanded by people. You don’t have the best rated and verified ring or diamond. Rather you need the best engagement ring that suits your loved one and defines Love in a straightforward way. So that is why there are some famous quotes beforehand purchasing a diamond engagement ring. It is rather a feeling that should be judged before buying a ring than the ring’s grading. But we are also serious about diamond grading, which is the GIA-grading. So apart from the quote, we are also sensible about the grading. The grade can definitely win the official part, but the determining factor should be the sole.

Sometimes people are in Love with size. They think the bigger the size, the greater the diamond. But actually, the thing is not like that. A bigger diamond is not always exclusive. There is a common myth amongst our customers that the more diamond in a ring, the more attractive it is. But in fact, precious diamonds are more beautiful, and sometimes glazing diamonds are more wanted than bigger size diamonds. A small diamond but better clarity is gorgeous than a big piece of diamond with less clarity.

Moreover, big diamonds don’t have much clarity as to the small ones. Also, the cut in the small diamonds is very much precise. There isn’t much color available for bigger diamonds. But small and attractive diamonds have a variety of colors.

Apart from everything, most people are very much particular about the cut, color, clarity, and diamond carat. For that reason, we also have our expert team to handle all the situations requested by our customers. The four C’s are the considering factor when people are about to purchase an engagement ring. The four Cs are the most critical measure in the mainstream when considering buying an engagement ring. Also, it helps to grade a diamond. The grading system is always a crucial factor because it can help customers gain trust in the diamond. We also suggest the best diamond so that our clients still feel comfortable purchasing a diamond engagement ring from us. The importance of all of the factors is cut. The cut is a crucial factor for a ring. Cut gives an excellent sparkle to the ring, and thus it can provide clear differentiation between all the rings. Compared to all other rings, the grading of a ring from top to bottom ranking is judged on cut. Diamonds are evaluated from excellent to low order based on the cut. There is a specific parameter when diamonds are shaped or when a proper cut is given to the diamond. For as there are different parameters for an oval shape cut and round shape cut. Our craftsmen are always very conscious and aware when it comes to proper cutting. Because when adequate light is given towards the ring, then the facets interact with maximum bling. The carat is the second most important factor that needs to be considered when purchasing a ring. The weight or size of the diamond is based or justified in carats. The average diamond that is put in an engagement ring is one carat. When converted to milligrams, it is 200 milligrams. But from our previous clients, we have seen that some of the clients require more than one carat. So, in that case, they do not buy our sample ones or our pre-made ones. Our expert team firstly talks with them and tells them various ideas, and also we take their pictures and visualize them through computer graphics. Afterward, the design of the diamond and the engagement ring is handed to our master craftsmen. Then our craftsmen work accordingly and smoothly to their level best and complete the ring with perfection.


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Colors for Diamond  

 Colors are nothing unusual for diamonds. People usually go for pink, chocolate, or yellow shade. But these colors are just wanted by everyone because of the trend as we have previously suggested that you should not go with the movement. To flow with the trend is the worst decision you could make. There is a spectrum of shades in Diamonds. The most striking fact about diamond is that the rarest ones are the colorless ones. Diamond colors are measured on a scale from D to Z. The earlier the scale, the more expensive the diamond is. The latter grade is the least expensive one. The final grade, which is Z, according to the scale, is yellowish. The more saturated color, the stone has a higher demand. But some people go with a light blue colored diamond which is also a great option according to us. But some people cannot differentiate between the colors of various types of diamonds. That is when they get cheated by a lot of stores and companies. But as we have previously said that we Divorce Your Ring are always true to our words. We never cheat our customers by telling them something that they will not understand, and we also don’t provide false information about any product to gain its popularity. Thus, if you are looking for engagement rings near Dallas, you can come to us without any hesitation. We assure you to provide the highest quality of service more than any other company and store. Our wholesale market is trendy, and you will find very suitable and comfortable rings for your loved ones here in our store.


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Shapes for diamonds

The next step we follow and suggest to our clients is to choose a shape for the diamond of our engagement ring. The first shape is the Oval shape. And this is very popular as the size is a little bigger than other shapes. This shape is best suited for prolonged, lean fingers. People with long fingers find oval shape the best for them. The round shape is also very demanding. From our previous customer, we come to know that about twenty to forty percent of people love the round shaped diamond in their rings. This shape represents a diamond perfectly; the after the condition of this diamond looks very sorted. The Asscher shape is widely known for its art deco pleasuring feel. This diamond is also known as square emerald for its form, which has both the mixture of emerald shape and square shape. The Emerald shape is the best-shaped diamond for showcasing its Excellency. This shape contains large facets. Another popular shape is the Princess shape. This shape is pyramidal, flat, and broad. For its unique shape, the princess shape has a specialty of making a stone look more extensive than its actual size.

The Marquise shape is known for maximizing the carat size of a diamond. The style of this diamond shape is a bit tapered, and it is long. Then comes the cushion-shaped diamond. This shape has rounded corners, and its form is predominantly square sized. The ring shape was created around the 19th century in 1800. The vintage style suits the best with the cushion-shaped diamond. Finally comes the pear-shaped diamond. The pear shape diamond is widely known as the hybrid shape. It has a unique hybrid mixture of the round-shaped diamond and the marquise shaped diamond. The pear-shaped diamond looks extra delicate and exclusive in a light band.

Most of the retail shops and companies don’t provide flexible options. Such as online shopping is one of the most demanded ways to purchase any product. And when it comes to the purchase of an engagement ring, having an online platform is the best solution. People are so busy that they purchase rings online. But some people are sensitive to this kind of purchase, so they come and visit us in our store and purchase their desired ring. But, Divorce Your Ring has both the options. You can even consult us through a video conference and clarify your doubts regarding any kind of rings and diamonds. We have our exclusive collection of engagement rings for women. You can find various rings of different shapes and sizes on our website, and our collection is vast. Not only do women ring, but we also have a substantial collection of men engagement rings. Some people are also interested in buying engagement rings sets. So for them, we have our valuable deals for purchasing sets of rings. Another popular and demanding ring is the white gold engagement rings, which are also limited editions. But for our desired customers, we provide the option of pre-ordering any type of rings they want. So you don’t need to worry at all; buying an engagement ring may seem hard, but our expert team is always ready to provide you the best service. Among the various engagement ring styles, we offer each and every type of people want.

Moreover, if they don’t like our sample ones, then no tension at all. We also have the option of a customized ring. This option is very famous as most people want their ring to be as unique as possible. Because for most people, Diamond is a one-time purchase, so being unique is the priority for most of them. Divorce Your Ring has plenty of options for you. Our certificates are valid, and our ratings are also very high. We don’t have any hidden charges, and also we provide many plans for our clients to finance their rings. Starting from our craftsmen all the way to our team members and even our expert team, every team member of our company has a crucial role in providing you the best engagement ring.