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how to sell your engagement rings


Diamonds are very long-lasting, and it might remain forever. But it is not compulsory to stay with the same person. Sometimes, due to changes in life period, upgradation from an old ring to the new ring, giving away to the next generation, or due to a whole set of reasons, it must be necessary to sell your jewelry. Apart from all the bases, it is definite that you want to sell your diamond engagement ring for the best amount; it might be more than what you actually bought for. There may be varieties of options for you to sell but not better than our company’s’ Divorce Your Ring.’ We are the best out there at the best price you could ever get if you want to sell your engagement ring in Dallas, then surely come to us as we assure you to provide you the best price in the market.


Before selling your diamond engagement ring, you need to have a clear concept of everything related to the market. Our expert team is there for you to guide you through the right path to sell your engagement ring Dallas. Firstly you need to be very mindful and realistic. The engagement ring is everyone’s personal choice. So, everyone’s flavor is also different. But it’s no big deal to stop thinking about the sale of your engagement ring. After your picture-perfect decision, our company experts will guide you to the right way of selling your engagement ring. As you know, a customized ring is very hard to sell as it only matches your taste, so it can be tough to sell to other customers, and potential customers typically don’t buy a customized ring. But you don’t need to think of it at all because we are the ones who can easily find you the right customer for the right price.

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How we justify your ring?


Every time we sell rings, we always check the quality and condition of the ring. You know the price of the ring really depends on the usage of the ring, depends on how many years you have the ring, whether you used it or not. The rarest metals also go down with time, and even sometimes, the most vital stones get a little scratchy. But you can be relaxed about it as we have the best craftsman in ‘Divorce Your Ring.’ When a repaired ring is placed in the market for selling, then it is actually a fluctuating bid as almost at the same price people can buy second-hand rings in an excellent condition. But sometimes it depends more or less on the buyer. Our expert team will deal with the buyers, so it is not a big problem.


When you sell your ring to us, then we always mismatch it with some criteria. For example, we first check the market value of the current ring that you are going to sell. In case it is not customized, we will see if the ring is at the top of the market value or amongst the most popular ones. We will also let our expert team do some research about the current value of the second-hand rings, which matches your ring as it will give an approximate idea about the people’s mindset. From our previous experience, we see that when people reach us, then by the research of our expert team, people have, in fact, secured a lot of money. Potential customers don’t take any risk while buying a diamond engagement ring, so if you sell through us, then you can have less risk of losing money, and also we can help you get potential customers.


Another essential research of us is to gather enough and proper information about the authenticity of the diamond engagement ring. You know a diamond ring is a crucial purchase. Not everyone can easily afford it. So when people make these huge purchases, then they obviously look for the accuracy and authenticity as there are imitation ones too. So our company has a considerable role here. Our company can help you with all your paper works if you lack it but with proper evaluation. So if you ever want to sell your engagement ring near Dallas and want to check the authenticity, then you are most welcome. We will sell your jewelry to the right customer with the right amount of money.


The authenticity paperwork is necessary as it will create a very good impression to the buyers. In case if you have bought your engagement ring from any local jewelry and don’t have enough paper works, it would be hard to convince the buyer about the proof of purchase. But if you have from a big jewelry store or popular ones, then it will be relatively easy for us to find you a potential customer to sell your diamond engagement ring. Moreover, we also deal with Gold buyers, so in case you have any type of jewelry, then don’t look anywhere you can sell your jewelry to us at the best price. But as of customers demand, Diamond rings are more wanted jewelry, especially for rings. Afterward, you will also need a Grading certificate as buyer ones to know how your metals and precious stones have been graded and if so, they then will also see that if it has been done from certified jewelers. So the solution to this point is simple. If you directly come to us, we can personally take care of the grading criteria as we have our experts regarding the grading criteria of diamond engagement rings or any other jewelry. The grading certificate is very important to gain the trust of potential customers. So when you sell your engagement ring, you should be very concerned about this matter.

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Are You Ready for selling?


Now how can you sell to us? This is a fundamental matter. As you know, we find customers you are directly and virtually impressed in such a way that when they see it in real life, they don’t get upset, and they don’t change their impressions. So if you can overcome some easy issues, then you can definitely have a good chance of selling your engagement ring to a very good potential customer. So the first thing and most important ones are to provide high-quality photos. Now in this matter, if you are not an expert, then you don’t need to worry. We have our team take care of your work. Our expert team has a very good experience of providing the buyers with a perfect impression after taking the photos from the right angle. The close-up photos are very necessary, so you need to very careful about that. Any blur picture can ruin your game. Sometimes we also see some customers while selling to us give us some very nice photo which they copy from the internet and which has an approximate match with their ring. But, we have our expert team to verify whether the picture is real or fake. So, in this case, as it’s a very sensitive and big purchase, so honestly is obviously a significant thing.


Another important thing which we also take care of and you can easily trust on us is the proof of sending the ring through the post services as we have pretty much experience so we will definitely remain concerned about the proof of postage. We have a strict policy against fake things, especially when the ring is of high demand. Our previous customers are very satisfied with us as we provided the best price more than any platform could provide you with.

To Conclude


The last and final thing we really take into a point for your ring buy is the final evaluation of your engagement ring. The value of the engagement is mostly set by taking account of the center stone. So the value is definitely placed according to the four factors. The first one is the carat grade. So this basically refers to the actual weight of the diamond. The valuation of the ring comes afterward. Previously what matters the most is the carat weight of the stone in the center along with other stones if available in the ring. Another factor that is not necessary as it is only applicable for round diamonds, is the cut grade. A cut grade is actually the cut of the diamond, so a perfect cut adds more value to it. The third factor is the Clarity grade. This grade refers to the dent, if any, on the ring and especially if there’s any black spot on the diamond. The final grade is the color grade. Here the preference goes more to the colorless ones, which falls in the D category. The more it looks like D, the more value it adds with it. And colored diamonds depend on the intensity of colors. So, if you are in search of a perfect place to sell your Diamond ring with no hesitation, you can come to ‘Divorce Your Ring.’