When to Upgrade Your Engagement Ring

There are many different reasons for wanting to upgrade an engagement ring. It could be a personal style change or sentimental choice (possible even a necessity) that prompts someone to mke the leap to a larger diamond or newer setting. The fact is, it’s not at all uncommon for people to upgrade their rings, despite how much they love their original ring.

However, there are several reasons to upgrade sooner than later.


You have the money to invest

Perhaps you couldn’t afford the ring of your dreams when you first got engaged, but now, with a little extra money in the bank and more years behind you, a finer piece of jewelry is within your reach. A new ring not only shows the world how far you’ve actually come, but makes a refreshed statement about your commitment to your relationship.


Your style has changed

Not everyone has a ring that can withstand ever-changing fashion trends. Those who chose a ring that was very trendy at the time or even too classic, might find that it no longer works with their current wardrobe. If it becomes a situation where you no longer want to wear you ring anymore


An anniversary or milestone

Some couples choose to wait until an important relationship milestone to upgrade a ring. Anniversaries are a perfect time to start fresh, as well as promotions, births or paying off a mortgage. We’ve worked with couples who wish to upgrade their rings at the same time, both to reaffirm their commitment and find a ring that is consistent with their current sense of style.


Your ring is beyond repair

This happens more often than you may think, especially for people with heirloom rings, or who work with their hands, or rarely take off their engagement ring. It can become frayed around the edges, or lose diamonds, or prongs can get damaged. Sometimes rather than putting more effort into a ring that has become difficult to maintain, people choose to customize a new ring inspired by their original or purchase an entirely different ring that fits their lifestyle and will last longer.


Before upgrading, be sure to brush up on your 4Cs and the basics of buying an engagement ring, so you are making the most informed choices. An upgraded ring still holds the same symbolic value as the original engagement ring and can be loved and cherished just as much, or even more.

Whether you are looking to custom upgrade your current ring or find a brand new style, our experts are here to help.Make an appointment today.


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