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What hand the engagement ring go on

engagement ring


There has been a long history, and it has, in fact, become a tradition to symbolize a ring finger. People believe in many things about engagement rings. Some say it’s a myth, and some people really follow the culture and belief in the traditions. The ring finger has a vein that directly connects with the heart, and thus the ring directly relates to the lover’s heart instantly. This quote is said to be the ultimate one, and legends always believe in this saying. Earlier, this was known as Vena Amoris, and it is in Roman Language. In English, it is known as a vein of love. To clearly emphasize in the statement, a ring was placed on this specific finger, which signifies love and romance. An engagement ring is a perfect ring that helps people to connect between themselves, and also their passion becomes eternal. But since days pass theory and sayings change, so people even change their traditions and cultures. In modern times as of now, people don’t believe in such anatomy. They say any of the fingers is right for the ring. According to them, there is such a specific finger for putting the ring. All the fingers have connections with the heart, and there is no particular vein for making the ring’s connection with the heart. So in modern times, people don’t feel so much connected with the fact, and easily the symbol which is so adorable is shattered with time. But there are still some fantastic couples who find the value of the symbol and put on the ring on the left finger, and thus there are still some people who signify their commitment for love to each other.

The engagement ring generally goes into the left hand in the fourth finger. Soon after the wedding, the next ring joins the left hand in the same finger. Other countries have other rules, traditions, and customs too. But in the US and mostly in North America, engagement rings are signified in this manner. There is another excellent reason for putting the ring on the left hand. Most people are right-handed. That means they do most of their work with their right hand, and as a result, they wear their ring or bracelet in their left hand. So for them, it is also prominent that they will have their ring in their left hand. And as their rings are so expensive, that is why they will wear their ring in the left hand and save it from any kind of scratches or whatsoever. There is some sort of evidence that ancient people started these traditions, and it goes back to the Egyptians. But the main credit goes to the Romans for bringing this beautiful tradition and getting it familiarized with the modern civilized world. The Romans believed in such tradition that our left hand had a vein that connects directly to the heart. This connection is estimated as the best commitment to showing your love. Although this type of ancient tradition is not followed and maintained by modern people, it still makes a strong romantic connection.

As years are going by, the behavior of people is also changing with time. A modern-day relationship is not actually stable, and for some people being a long-lasting relationship doesn’t matter a lot. Moreover, people nowadays are not so much in love with engagement rings as prices are going up day by day. However, people do buy rings and wear them on their fourth ring and thus complete their engagement process. When it comes to engagement rings, they are very special for everyone. It is not only recognizable, not just by finger but also the way it looks. The rings were previously not so special as in ancient times firstly people couldn’t afford it, and the popularity was not so much. These rings gained their essence and became very famous for having diamonds on it. As day by day, diamond rings became very demanding in the market. Everyone requires engagement rings for fulfilling their engagement. And putting it in the left hand in the fourth finger has, in fact, became popular and a part of engagement tradition.

engagement ring

The truth of why Engagement Rings are popular

Now many of you might have a question about why Diamonds are so famous. The most durable and hardest substance on our earth, which is found naturally, is a diamond. It is the perfect way to represent enduring and also the ideal choice. It shows everlasting love and the forever promise for your loved ones. Moreover, every diamond has its own uniqueness. They are not all the same. They are very rare and unique. And for a reason, the heft price tag is put in the diamond rings. Most people want their piece to be unique. So for that reason, they want to make such a unique piece that is alike amongst the other million elements of diamonds. So each and every other person has their own love story, which starts with the purchase of their unique piece of diamond. Most people are quite familiar with the meaning of spherical shape, which is called a circle, as it is such a unique shape that has no beginning or end. And for that reason, it has become a symbol of eternity also everlasting. The most significant part of this shape is the hole in the center. And this mysterious secret is not familiar to most people. It seems blank, and some might refer to it as space but actually, it is the gateway door because it is the door that opens for starting a new journey of life. When you present a ring to your loved ones, then it clearly reflects eternal love for them. This immortal love is pretty symbolic, which is reflected by the diamond engagement ring.


engagement ring

People’s taste for multiple rings

Rings are interchanged when the ceremony occurs. Rings are placed in the fourth finger in the left hand according to the tradition after reciting the words. For most people, there are no such specific rules about which metals should be used for making the ring whether the metal should match or not. But there are some people who need really good and enriched metals. From our previous clients, we see that some clients want a very good quality metal for their ring and matches the ring and sometimes the diamond. Moreover, custom rings are famous for putting the unique design out there for your loved ones. You can simply find customized rings and very unique and precious metals and stones for your loved ones. Though it might seem easy, actually it’s not. It is the most challenging part if you are not in the right place. Specifically, if you are not in the right store or don’t visit the right website, you can get faked. Our website has a lot of information about the stones and diamond rings that we provide. Moreover, we try to give enough time to our customers if they want to call us by phone or if they want to contact us on the internet. We also provide a flexible option for the virtual conference so that our clients feel comfortable with us in every possible way. Our company Divorce Your Ring is very much optimized in providing the best service for our lovely customers. We have a very good rating when it comes to diamond rings, especially engagement rings. Our store is in Dallas, and there are so many good stores if you will find one near us. So with our popularity, it is obvious that our customers are never dissatisfied with us.

Some people wear their engagement ring and wedding ring on the same finger, and thus a stack is created on that finger. But conventionally, people wear their wedding ring on the finger which they are closest to their hearts. But an engagement ring is previously in that finger at the bottom of that finger towards the knuckle’s base. Some people feel that it gets too stacked, so they move their engagement ring to their right hand, and thus, they can easily wear the wedding ring on their left hand after that. Some make a quick switch before walking down towards the ceremony. Sometimes people mostly focus on the engagement ring, and they want that ring to be more attractive and expensive that they don’t have much care towards their wedding ring. They top it off their wedding ring after the ceremony. There is another case that is seen amongst some of the brides which are unique and creative, to be honest. Some couples solder both their engagement ring and their wedding ring together and make that a single ring, and ultimately it becomes the ultra-ring for their loved ones. That piece of the ring becomes the unified one. We feel very happy for our customers as this gives a new marriage metaphor, and thus the never ending love starts between them.

Some people think that wearing a ring following the tradition of wearing a ring in the left hand is a must thing to do. But you don’t worry at all about the cultural preference of most of the people. So it is not a must to follow people’s traditions. You can have your intention to put it on whichever finger you may like. If you like, you can even wear it in your right hand. There is no bad looking thing if you don’t go with the flow. Whether you hold any tradition or not is completely your will and decision in what way you like to wear it. There’s an old myth, or some say a tale, that putting a non-committal ring on the prior left hand brings bad luck. It is a kind of superstition. If the ring fits the finger, then you can wear it.

But in some cases wearing a ring may be a bit disappointing in front of someone who is dating you. If you go out random, then it might affect you. While traditionally, it is seen that people who wear a ring don’t actually take it out once it has been worn. But the point is, first of all, you are not forced, or there is no such rule to wear it all the time secondly, as a ring is a one-time purchase by most people so you don’t want to wear it all the time as you might get scratches in your ring.

Moreover, you may even harm the stone as you will not remember every time that you have a ring in your hand. Accidentally, you can disfigure the ring’s setting, and silly scratches can also be made in the ring. While cleaning or using chemicals that may cause damage to your ring can be a problem for you. Participating in physical sports or working out in the gym, and even before going to bed, you definitely want to keep somewhere safe. At night thwart swelling may occur, and even whether you sleep alone or with someone else, you may cause scratches to your ring. So it is always a better option to keep your ring off your finger while doing all of this stuff.


engagement ring

Various Size of Engagement Ring

Sizing up a finger ring may be surprising. You can also consider the shape of your finger’s size as it will be a daily thing in your material. You need to consider all of these factors for any type of sports you play before buying a ring. If you are previously in sports, you can find the difference between all of your fingers after you have done your work out. You may find it a little different as the muscles and the whole body pumps up, so the size of your finger also changes. So, in that case, you need to keep in mind the current size of your finger and the ring.

Moreover, Climate is also an additional factor that can cause your finger shape to change. During summer, your finger swells, and it becomes slender during winter as the weather becomes cold. Our expert team has carried out multiple research about this matter, and we also talked with other experts who are doing research in this field. They said that the best time to match your perfect shape for the ring and to fit it perfectly is when the temperature is normal, commonly known as room temperature, then it is the perfect time for buying your ring. And we see that it is the middle time during the day, which is referred to as the best time to purchase your ring. But don’t hit the gym or don’t pour hot water in your hand beforehand. But to maintain your finger size and to stop it from fluctuating, you can use beads or ring guards. And finally, if you are not sure about your ring size and if you think your size assumption is not perfect, then don’t worry. We offer a free ring size checkup beforehand you buy from our store. Unfortunately, there are some stores and companies that don’t offer so much flexibility beforehand of your purchase. Also, some stores will charge your money for just a ring size checkup. They cannot professionally suggest you buy the perfect sized ring as they are not expert in those matters.

The first engagement ring was interchanged during the 15th century in Austria. Both males and females both have the custom of wearing an engagement ring. Though day by day, the popularity has been lost amongst the males. Only in the case of same-sex marriage, the exchange of engagement rings is seen among men. But tradition is also followed nowadays by the newly engaged couples that are to wear engagement rings on the fourth finger of the left hand as they believe it has a direct connection with the heart. In Europe, it is seen that they still wear their engagement ring in their left hand and wear their wedding ring in their right hand. If you take a look in Brazil and Colombia in those countries, people wear their rings on their right hand. Unique ring sets are worn by Swedish people, and they don’t wear only rings. They wear sets of rings. Sometimes people wear rings passed by generations, and they just do proper treatment to it and maintain its decency. Our company Divorce Your Ring is very convenient when it comes to suggestions before buying an engagement ring and also when it comes to giving the best quality ring. So people always give us the best rating, and we are still ranked at the top in the market. We have all types of rings, and our prices are very affordable. We have male, female, and also rings for unisex. We provide a life-long service, and we don’t let our pride fall down.