The Biglaw Firms Where Lawyers Did The Most Meaningful Pro Bono Work (2020)

Over the course of the last year — and especially during the past few months — members of the legal profession have sprung into action to deal with crisis after crisis after crisis, offering their services without cost to those in need. From challenging immigration policies to dealing with the ongoing fight for reproductive rights to securing freedom for the wrongfully convicted, lawyers in America were inspired to do their very best to help those who needed their assistance the very most.

But which law firms were able to contribute the most to society?

Each year, the National Law Journal honors the Biglaw firms that have taken on some of the biggest issues of our time, recognizing the firms that have made the most meaningful strides in offering access to justice. Here are the 18 firms that landed on the 2020 Pro Bono Hot List thanks to their expert handling of pro bono emergencies:

Please click on each firm name to read about the work they did to make our society more just. Congratulations to everyone involved in these worthy pro bono efforts.

The 2020 Pro Bono Hot List [National Law Journal]

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