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Sell On Consignment

Sell engagement rings or sell your diamond jewelry near me on consignment through Divorce Your Ring.

Understanding Consignments

Consignment sales depend on supply and demand. Divorce Your Ring has many sites that sell on consignment. As a result, loose diamonds, engagement rings, and fine Jewelry achieve the greatest exposure. If there is History attached to the piece a price war can cause an inflated value. This is by far the best solution and a win-win for all parties concerned.

How do consignment sales work?

There is a standard 15% commission on all Marketplace sales up to $100,000 and 10% from $101,000 and up. First, we need to see the item to estimate its value. Then we take several pictures so we can market the item. Then we list the item on our consignment website to sell it. Selling on consignment takes a bit longer than selling for cash or at auction. As a result, you can expect higher cash returns.

Get a Free Evaluation for Jewelry:

Divorce your ring will give you a free jewelry evaluation so you can make an informed decision. Choose to settle for cash, sell at auction or sell on consignment for greater returns. We will never charge you anything to consign jewelry items unless we find a buyer. Have you shopped your items around at pawn shops or cash for jewelry stores? If so you have found out that they do not pay what you know your items are worth? The answer is consignment selling at Divorce Your Ring.

Sell Diamond Jewelry Near Me


Sell on consignment near me

Divorce Your Ring Consignment Process:

Sell Engagement Rings:

A person (seller) decides that they would like to sell their diamond, jewelry, or gold for cash. They make contact with Divorce Your Ring where the process of getting the biggest bang for the buck explained. 

Step 1:

We ask you the seller to visit at least one other jewelry store to get the price to sell so that they have an unbiased opinion of what their engagement ring, diamonds, jewelry, or gold is worth.

Step 2:

We then sit with you the seller and give you options on how to get the highest payout for your items.

Step 3:

When the consignment is the given choice we draw up the document with images to show proof of ownership and send it directly to your phone.

Step 4:

The items are then cleaned and polished and made ready for uploading to our many websites and social media internet footprints.

Step 5:

Photos and videos are created to augment the listing of the items.

Step 6:

A link to the listing on one of our sites is then sent directly to your phone for approval.

Step 7:

A buyer sees the item and makes a purchase either online or in our jewelry store.

Step 8:

You the seller receive notification of the sale transaction and are paid immediately.

Step 9:

The buyer has the option to get an appraisal through a third party in our jewelry store at their chosen appointment.

Step 10:

The buyer leaves another 5-star review on Google.

Consignment Stock Definition

Sell Engagement Rings Consignment Stock is stock legally owned by one party, but held by another, meaning that the risk and rewards regarding the said stock remain with the first party while the second party is responsible for distribution or retail operations.

Ownership of sell engagement rings consignment stock is passed only when the stock is used (issued or sold in the case of a shop). Unused stock in a warehouse may be returned to the supplier when it concerns standard manufactured products. With customer-specific items, agreements concerning returning products should be negotiated.

Relationship between company and supplier:
In a Consignment Stock relationship, the supplier guarantees the company that stock of an item will be available between an agreed minimum and maximum level, and which is stored near the point of use by the company. The company does not own or pay for the stock until it is consumed or sold. In this way, information regarding the consumption of the item is immediately available to the supplier, facilitating continuous refreshment of stock. This provides some protection to the company from demand fluctuations by ensuring stock is always available, whilst simultaneously providing the supplier with better information about the company’s consumption of the item.

What can do if I don’t have time to sell on consignment?

Fortunately, because our focus is on servicing our customer’s needs we have developed an alternate method of helping you sell your precious diamond, jewelry, and gold at Auction