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Piercings have always been an exciting thing to get done! Whether it’s your second ear piercing,
a nose piercing or maybe something different like an eyebrow or belly button piercing, the event
is always a little scary but always something to look forward to.

Getting a piercing at a small roadside shop is not advisable at all. Make sure you choose a
reputed, clean place to get it done. Jewellery shops are the best choice as they have
professionals who make sure it is done in a safe, hygienic manner. After all, getting a piercing
may be fun but getting an infection after is really not. So it is advisable to go to a jewellery store
for any nose and ear piercings and you can always choose between getting a gunshot or
getting it manually pierced.

Multiple ear piercings have always been trendy and cool but recently the trend is a top ear or in-
ear piercings. Wearing a small stud or ring for these piercings looks super cute! Tiny colourful
studs or small silver and gold earrings look best for second ear piercings as they compliment
the main earring and really make a style statement.

Nose piercings are very attractive and not to mention, the nose pins are to die for! In every
shape, size, colour and metal, nose pins are the most fun accessories to shop for! In fact, if
you’ve lost one of your earring studs you can always use it as a nose stud. Just make sure you
cut it to the right size using plyers and check that it does not have a sharp edge. You can just
twist it in a screw shape so that you don't need the back part of the earring to hold it in place,
and there you go, voila! A new nose pin from a stud that you had lost hope for. You could even
use this hack for tiny earrings that you don’t wear anymore. Just cut them to the right size and
you can use them as a nose ring.

So whether it’s a nose piercing or multiple ear piercings, be open to experiment with different
designs but be safe with the place you go to get it done. If you’re worried that it’ll hurt, then
don’t, because the one minute of pain is completely worth it for the lifetime of choosing fabulous
designs of earrings, studs, nose pins and nose rings!



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