Stormy Daniels’s Oral Will: Noncupative Wills Make For Risky Estate Planning

Stormy Daniels (Photo by ROBYN BECK/AFP/Getty Images) Last week, Stormy Daniels with Kevin Carr O’Leary released her memoir, Full Disclosure, published by St. Martin’s Press.  The book delivers Daniels’s vivid…
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Stowe support: What is a child arrangements order?

A large part of a divorce or separation for those couples with children is to try and make the process as amicable as possible and to agree on the new…
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Fractured Parental Relationship? Should You Be The First To Reach Out? · Divorced Moms

  Fractured parental relationships can result from divorce. Children or adults whose parents’ divorce may take sides, they may become the victims of parental alienation and, as a result, may…
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From Beyoncé to Elizabeth Taylor: 19 of the Most Expensive Celebrity Engagement Rings Ever

Celebrity engagement rings are unsurprisingly getting bigger and bigger (um, have you seen tennis player Caroline Wozniacki's massive bauble?). As the diamonds increase in size, obviously the price tag appreciates…
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Princess Eugenie’s Engagement Ring: Get the Look

With Meghan Markle's bespoke, three-stone bauble and Kate Middleton's sapphire sparkler that once belonged to Princess Diana, there's some stiff competition when it comes to royal engagement rings. Princess Eugenie's…
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Designing a Collection part 4

In the previous three parts of my series on Designing a Jewelry Collection, I’ve talked about what a collection is, design principles, designing for your customer and the difference between being…
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The First Big Decision: Wedding Bands!

The wedding ring is often overshadowed by its blingy counterpart, the engagement ring. Let’s be real, people rarely ask to look at this simple band, nor is it usually encountered…
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What is Palladium? FAQ – Diamond Jewelry & Engagement

1. What is palladium? Palladium is a silvery-white precious metal that looks similar to white gold and platinum. Part of the platinum group metals (PGMs), it is rare, durable, lightweight and…
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