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Mix and Match and make merry with your Jewellery

There was a time when matching your jewellery in terms of colours, textures and even design patterns was the way to go. Now, with the range of jewellery designs available in the market, the ability to get extremely creative with the way you mix and match your jewellery is on the rise. Take a look at your jewellery collection and you will find myriad ways in which to create a unique and personalized look for yourself. Here are some ways you can go about it:

Use a mix of jewellery while layering. When you would like to create a style statement, layering is one of the best ways to go about it. Think a delicate gold choker, framed with a double string of pearls and then some long, thin, single-strand design based chains in white and rose gold. The effect, especially on darker coloured outfits can be stunning.

If you are considering layers for your bangles, while one hand can sport a single, thick designer bangle in gold, the other can have an entire stack made up of different metals and materials. Start with thin gold bangles, add in a pearl or stone studded bangle, a few glass bangles and then repeat the stack. Adding in a charm bracelet can make this stack look great.

You can even consider mixing and matching jewellery with just gold—a mix of the traditional gold, rose or white gold can make for a great way to flaunt your jewellery.

Another interesting way to mix and match your jewellery is to put together the chunky and delicate. If you have a heavy outfit, a dainty chain works well. Instead of going with earrings that are simple, use statement ones—jhumkis, layered pearls, a combination of ear and hair pieces. You could also consider heavy bracelets and bangles to complete the look. The same looks great in reverse, where you use delicate jewellery on your hands and ears while wearing a statement piece around your neck.

You could also play around with colours. Use a mix of a stone jewellery along with precious metals to give you some interesting colour schemes to work with. Pearls, emeralds and gold; rubies, platinum and rose gold; oxidized silver with classic gold and diamonds. There are so many combinations that you can come up with to give your outfit a completely unique look.

The great thing about jewellery is that they are versatile as far as combining them with different materials, colour schemes and even precious stones go. Mix and match is a wonderful way to utilize your jewellery in ways you may not have traditionally thought possible before.



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