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Jewelry Appraisal – What is your Jewelry worth?

The 1st step Divorce Your Ring will take is to get an instant jewelry appraisal. As a result, Divorce Your Ring will submit two estimates to you. We specialize in loose diamonds, engagement rings and fine jewelry.

Divorce Your Ring Estimates:


  • Describe your jewelry especially relevant features.
  • Upload a few photos of it.

B. Our part of the process:


Step 1: Market value analysis:

  • Two estimates based on description and photos given.
  • If we agree, we’ll provide you with an insured FedEx shipping label addressed to our headquarters.

Step 2: Final analysis:

  • When your jewelry arrives we will photograph it.
  • Our Diamond Cutters graded and give you two final estimates.

Step 3: Customers Choice:

  • Direct cash offer which is usually less than appraised value so we can resell it.
  • Auction your jewelry and set sold limits. 
  • Marketplace consignment suggested sales price usually appraised value.


Pawn shops and cash for jewelry stores Dallas will always offer low prices so beware! So without an appraisal from our diamond cutters you are fair game. Most noteworthy we use the daily Rapaport Report to determine value. Hence a G.I.A. Certificate you will get the most accurate assessment of value for that day.

  • What is the rap report?
  • The Rapaport Report is the jewelry industry standard for the pricing of diamonds. Because it is a published weekly, Jewelers use it to set prices for consumers. Diamond merchants also rely on it. The report is in the form of a table and prices diamonds based on the 4 C’s of diamonds. Especially relevant to an appraisal are carat, color, clarity and cut.

  • Appraisal Services Offered:
  • Independent Jewelry Appraiser

    Howard L. Traxler. G.G. is a Graduate Gemologist with over 30 years of experience in the jewelry industry.
    *GIA – Graduated Gemologist (G.G.), Certified Gemologist (C.G.)
    *National Association of Jewelry Appraisers (NAJA), Certified Member
    *Certified Insurance Appraiser

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