How to wear engagement and wedding ring

wear engagement and wedding ring


Engagement rings are very important in life, especially when it comes to etiquette and tradition. After completing the purchase, one of the most common traditional related matters is the placement of the engagement ring on one’s finger. According to the general custom, there are two rings associated with the process. One is the engagement ring, and the other is the wedding ring. The first ring is a symbol of promise for the marriage, and the second is to permanently set the promise. So it can be confusing sometimes about which one will be placed at which time and where to place it.

Now in the first time when you are wearing the ring, it’s generally on the fourth finger of your left hand. But on the wedding day, the ring should be placed on that finger of the left hand, so there needs to be a switch between the engagement ring and the wedding ring. Accordingly, the engagement ring will be switched to the fourth finger of the right hand. This custom of the placement of the rings has been prevailing for a long time, and thus till now, it has been going on. The belief of the tradition of wearing the ring in the left hand in the fourth finger is because it is connected directly to the heart. So by placing the engagement ring and afterward, the wedding ring in that manner is to let the ring remain close to the heart.

The etiquette of wearing an engagement ring is also the same manner. The engagement band afterward moves on the left hand in the fourth finger as earlier. Now the engagement ring will be placed near the wedding ring on another finger. In this way, the ring always remains close to the heart. But as days pass, some rules get outburst. So there are some women these days who don’t follow the earlier rules or etiquette and instead wear the ring in their own style and make that their fixed manner. So among the different variations of modern times, there are some methods that have become popular. So after marriage, some still continue to wear their engagement ring in the right hand. Then wear the engagement band as usual. And the most interesting method that is seen is to merge the wedding ring and the engagement ring together to build a custom piece of ring. So creating a custom piece is also not a bad option; rather, it makes the ring more enthusiastic. Regardless of what people do according to their style and what the tradition is, the most important thing about the ring is that it should be comfortable and easy to wear.


Confusion over choice

Confusion over choice

You might get confused and exhausted if you look for wedding bands and engagement bands. Also, for the ring of choice and the right one to fit in the finger, you may find it difficult to choose. So without any hesitation, come to Divorce Your Ring to find the best experience with your purchase. Come to our store, and we will have a discussion over a cup of tea, and hopefully, you will find the best ring for yourself. Our jewelers are very expert in suggesting and picking the right ring for you. Also, our selection is very precise, and we also have our expert team to guide you onwards with your ring. Our jewelry elegance is quite noticeable as we have the best of the best when it comes to collection.

In previous days it was a habit for every person to buy an engagement ring consisting of a diamond. But now the tradition is changing. As other than a diamond, there are also very precious stones such as platinum, ruby, and many more that feel more enriched when put in fingers. And from our previous sales, we have seen that people are not too much into a diamond. Many of our customers are in search of some unique precious stones, and they come to us looking for them. Our company has a huge collection of many precious and unique stones. So any time stone we will try our best to provide it. There’s another tradition where both the couples need to wear the same matching band. For example, if you purchase a diamond ring, then your partner’s ring will be of diamond too. There are many couples who have their own style and uniqueness to make and wear the ring.

The main point about the tradition of engagement and wedding rings is that there is no specific rule and mandatory rule to follow. Everyone has their own unique taste, so you can have your own setting and your own rule to wear your ring. It’s completely your choice. Engagement rings are a sparkling piece of jewelry. They have their own personal clarity that makes them unique from all other jewelry. Also, it represents the symbol of love, and it creates affection between you and your partner.


The ancient tradition

The ancient tradition

There is also another option, and some follow it as a tradition that is to wear an engagement ring as their necklace. It is because they feel insecure to wear it in their hands, and thus the better option is to slip your ring in your favorite chain and clip it around your neck. So in that way, the sparkling stone of your engagement ring will be dazzling around your neck, and thus it will be more visible to the front one and gain more attractiveness. There is another way you can have a ring. You can completely avoid the band, and rather than symbolizing your marriage, just have the piece of ring. And when it comes to exchanging vows, just have the slip upfront, and you are ready to go.

Your right hand is also there. The only left-hand does not represent your love for your partner. You can have your ring in your right hand, and also, while moving on in your life, you can even have a stack of anniversary rings stacked on both your hands. There are some countries which follow the right-hand rule. Also, the Christian Orthodox communities follow the tradition of putting an engagement ring on their right hand rather than on the left. As people have some internal work to do with the left hand so that is why putting it on your right hand may free you up from hardships which you could face while wearing it in your left hand.

Some people have rings stacked up on both of their hands. Other than the engagement ring and wedding ring, they buy other rings such as birthday rings, anniversary rings and pile them up altogether and wear them in both of their hands. You can also have a layer in your wedding band to put on multiple rings easily. This also creates sparkle on the band, and you will find it more exclusive than the normal ones. They could bejewel up, mixed or plain, whatever fits you the best and whichever way you like. Our expert jewelry team has unique ideas that can help you find the best ring in the best shape. Also, if you want to make your own customized ring, then no worries, we have the best craftsmen, and our designers are amongst the top designers. So you will not fall into hardships to find a suitable piece of the ring if you come to us.

Engagement rings are exchanged for centuries. There used to be a belief by anthropologists that the tradition of engagement rings began when Roman women used to wear rings attached to tiny keys. A special ring which featured two to three rings attached together to form one single ring is the Gimmel ring. The ring which used to have a short inscription on the surface of the metal band is the poise ring. They were very popular in the late 15 to 17th centuries. England was the place where the popularity was much more compared to other countries at that time. The first-ever diamond ring was recorded in the late 14th century. And starting from that, it led to the trend of engagement rings, and thus it became a tradition today.

Besides an engagement ring, a wedding ring also has its massive importance. It symbolizes the promise of living together forever, and it has a circular shape that basically represents the unbroken, undetached love. And it also proves that love is eternal. They are generally exchanged between the couples on the wedding day, and thus it represents the universal symbol of love. Wedding rings were very much popular among the Greeks and the Romans, and thus its date is as old as an engagement ring. In today’s wedding both the partners wear it but in ancient times only the wives used to wear it. Some people even used to have two rings. One used to be worn inside the house, and the other used to be worn in public. The one which was worn in public is to be more exclusive and customary than the inside’s one. In the United States, the tradition of wearing a ring for both partners started after the 20th century. Gold and Diamond wedding rings are very much close to one’s heart. Both of them are also expensive, and for someone, it’s a lifetime purchase. Our prices are very much affordable, and you can find cheap wedding rings sets for him and her.


Eternity ring over wedding ring

Eternity ring over wedding ring

Other than the wedding and engagement ring, there’s another important ring which some people take very seriously is the eternity ring. The eternity ring symbolizes the milestone of one’s marriage life. And as with both of the rings, there is a certain rule followed to wear eternity rings. As these rings are gifted on special occasions such as birthdays, anniversaries, and the couple’s first children, they are worn according to the month of that year. But as are bound with ten fingers so the date cannot exceed ten. So if the date is eleven, then it is counted forwards from one again. In this way, it is represented and put in the finger. But also people have their own will to wear it as they like. Your choice is what matters the most. As with wedding rings, eternity rings, also known as infinity rings symbolizes eternal love, and at the same time, it represents luxury. The magnificent ring has identical cut diamonds, which are encrusted all around the band, which is of metal, and also a glossy sparkle is noticed around the band from every different angle. Also, there is an option for people who like color. They can have sapphires or rubies merged with diamonds. These types of precious stones can also be used to glorify the significance of the infinity ring. From our previous clients, we noticed that eternity rings are usually purchased by rich people as the base price is very high, and the reason for that is because the bottom of the ring is pure metal.

There are various customs that are made for wearing each type of ring. One of the customized things eternity rings which are seen in the UK is that in the UK, eternity rings are worn on the top of the engagement ring finger and the wedding band. But again, it is totally dependent on how the person feels comfortable wearing it. If the person feels uncomfortable, then switching to another finger is not a problem at all. And also it can be worn in the opposite hand too. Tradition states that once you wear a wedding ring, then it should be placed in that common fourth finger to keep it as close to the heart as possible. And after that, the engagement ring should be worn. As both of the rings are very special, it is essential to keep it close to the heart according to the tradition.

The most common phenomenon which is seen among people is to wear both the rings in separate hands. The wedding ring is worn in the left hand and the engagement ring in the right hand. This case works when the size of the two-finger is the same because when you choose an engagement ring, you pick the size of the left hand. So afterward, if you wear it in your right hand and then it may not fit. So, in that case, there’s no option of wearing it; on the other hand, rather you need to wear both the rings on the same hand.

When it comes to an active lifestyle, then it really becomes challenging for someone to wear both rings on the same hand. Also, wearing your wedding ring for the whole time may also be tough. And when it comes to eternity rings, it becomes tougher. So, then you need to wear three rings together in a single hand and maybe a single finger. So our suggestion would be to make one ring fixed of size and then afterward the next rings you may make them of universal size so that you can also wear it on both of your hands in the third or fourth finger. There are many rules to wear a ring. Be an engagement ring, wedding ring, or even an eternity ring at the end of the day. All of the rings are very special to you. All of them represent the true love between you and your loved ones. So choosing the ring of the perfect size is what matters the most rather than the rules of how to wear them.

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