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Friendship bracelets are ancient, but their resurgence is modern. Decorative bands have been exchanged since the beginning of time, honouring the beauty of relationships traditionally with colourful, knotted threads. From Ancient China to the indigenous people of Central and South America, the endearing ritual of exchanging bands of friendship is ever-present in modern life.

Raksha Bandhan

In some traditions this intimate bond is shrouded in symbolism and ceremony. In the month of August, Raksha Bandhan marks the Hindu festivity honouring the inseparable bond of love and trust between siblings and friends. According to the Hindu calendar, the festival is celebrated on the full moon day of the lunar month, Shravana. The celebrations centre around the symbolic tying of rakhi, or a sacred thread (usually red and gold in colour), around the wrist. Traditionally, a sister would tie the thread on her brother to represent his duty to protect her and to honour their special relationship. Today, the festival embodies the social notion that everybody should live with each other in harmony.

Friendship Bracelets

Our Biography Bracelets are inspired by this enchanting tradition. Adorned with semi-precious gemstones, the coveted bracelets propose an elevated jewellery gift full of meaning and sentimentality.

Biography Bracelet Fringe



Gemstones are also steeped in significance, holding a greater spiritual meaning than their pretty exterior might otherwise suggest. The legend and lore that surround these precious natural materials gives them an unfading aura, making them perfect pieces to communicate our feelings of love and friendship.

Biography Bracelets



Talismanic symbols are far from dormant as they continue to fulfil our desires for protection and self-reassurance. Discover the meanings behind our symbols below, for example, the Evil Eye charm has been used for centuries to ward off evil spirits and deflect bad feelings away. We interpret ours as being ‘all-seeing’, symbolising clarity and wisdom. Travel through life’s journey accompanied by the protecting qualities of the Hamsa Hand charm or gift a loved one a Halo charm as a token of your enduring friendship and affection.

Biography Charms

These collectable charm bracelets crafted in silver and 18kt gold vermeil and finished with our signature star-set sapphire tag add a distinctly spiritual vibe and offer endless combinations to mark the experiences of life or to celebrate your nearest and dearest.

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