Bill Barr A Real Stickler For The Rules When It Comes To Weed Workers Filing For Bankruptcy

As far as Attorney General Bill Barr is concerned, the illegality of lying to the FBI and insider-trading are somewhat open questions. The illegality of marijuana, on the other hand, is open-and-shut, especially if the law against it can be used in the way preferred by his boss, which is to say cruelly and in desperate times, such as bankruptcy court, facing a woman who took a job at a pot-growing company to feed her family.

In 2017, Justice Department officials who oversee the nation’s bankruptcy courts ramped up enforcement of the federal marijuana ban on individuals with income from the cannabis industry….

Carl and Jennifer Richter of Brookville, Pa., sought court protection in November after he had a heart attack and could no longer work as a supermarket meat manager. Ms. Richter, who was working part time at a garden center, found a new job to support their two daughters as a head cultivator for cannabis business Cresco Labs Inc…. To get around the federal marijuana ban, the couple proposed segregating Jennifer Richter’s wages from her husband’s disability benefits, which would be used to fund their repayment plan. But the Justice Department argued that even if the funds were segregated, the repayment plan would undermine federal drug law.

Justice Department Blocks ‘Essential’ Marijuana Workers From Bankruptcy Protection [WSJ]

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