Author: Laura Lajiness

87 Gorgeous Engagement Rings Under $2,000

When dreaming of an engagement ring, it’s hard not to picture a, um, sizable diamond being placed upon your finger. Sure, not every bride-to-be is drawn to big, super-sparkly diamonds,…
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33 Moonstone Engagement Rings You’re Going to Want Right Now

Gemstone engagement rings are becoming more and more popular. If you’re pondering one, have you considered a shimmering moonstone engagement ring? Known for having calming and balancing energies, moonstone comes…
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42 Mixed Metal Engagement & Wedding Rings

There was a time when mixing metals was a total no-no. But as engagement rings defy tradition more and more, we’re all about breaking the rules. These days, picking a…
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38 Hexagon Engagement Rings for the Alternative Bride

Whether it’s the wedding gown, a lineup of bridesmaid dresses, or a rehearsal dinner look, modern brides are opting for the unexpected more and more. From color to the silhouette,…
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44 East-West Set Engagement Rings For The Modern Bride

The classics are undeniable as far as engagement rings go. Sometimes, however, a subtle shift in perspective will modernize a timeless look, bringing nuance and directional appeal to an otherwise…
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39 Unique Raw, Rustic & Rough Diamond Engagement Rings

We’re going to say something groundbreaking: not every woman wants a giant, super-sparkly diamond ring on her finger for her engagement ring. Who’s shook? If you’re not, then you’ve come…
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36 Trillion-Shaped Engagement Rings for Modern Brides

There are certain stone shapes that instantly come to mind when dreaming about an engagement ring—emerald, oval, cushion, pear, round, and princess cuts are all-time favorites from platinum and yellow-gold…
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78 Sapphire Engagement Rings for Every Bridal Taste

  If you’re the type of bride looking to break tradition with your engagement ring, a sapphire engagement ring is a stunning way to do so. Gemstones have been a…
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84 Yellow Gold Engagement Rings For Every Budget & Style

Yellow gold engagement rings are having a renaissance of sorts from shiny styles to matte finishes—this is likely a result of gold jewelry trending in the jewelry market from pendants…
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91 Gorgeous Engagement Rings Under $5,000

When De Beers Consolidated Mines, Ltd. (better known now as just De Beers) needed a way to advertise their diamonds in the midst of the Great Depression, their clever marketing…
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