Author: Carolyn Elefant

My Request to Rescind MSBA Ethics Opinion 1992-19 Prohibiting MarkUp on Payments for Freelance Lawyers – My Shingle

As regular readers know, I complain about stupid ethics rules. Almost all. the. time. Years ago, I actually took steps to influence the rules. I wrote letters and gave webinars…
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Scholars Flummoxed That Minority Lawyers Can Have High Levels of Professional Satisfaction When They Primarily Practice As ‘Lowly’ Solo Practitioners

In The Paradox of Minority Attorney Satisfaction, Professors Milan Markovic and Gabriele Plickert puzzle over why it is that African-American and Latino attorneys have a far higher level of professional…
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148 FREE Resources to Start, Run and Grow Your Law Firm – My Shingle

Today, MyShingle is excited to introduce our latest offering for the legal community:  143 FREE Tools & Resources to Start, Run and Grow Your Law Firm, available at our site…
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And Survey Says… Personal Referrals Are The Top Source Of Business For Lawyers

More than fifteen years ago when I first launched my blog,, web-based marketing for lawyers was still in its nascency, while many of the now dominant social media sites…
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Tech Challenges Are the Same – My Shingle

Mom and pop pizza shops in Washington D.C. are having a tough time keeping their slice of the pie against larger, techno-powered chains in the age of conveyor-belt pizzas and…
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