84 Yellow Gold Engagement Rings For Every Budget & Style

Yellow gold engagement rings are having a renaissance of sorts from shiny styles to matte finishes—this is likely a result of gold jewelry trending in the jewelry market from pendants to stackable rings and hoop earrings. While platinum and white-gold rings are certainly still a popular choice, a lot of modern brides prefer for their engagement ring to feel cohesive with the rest of their everyday jewelry, which for many, tends to be yellow gold. There’s nothing wrong with a mixed-metal look—in fact, we’re for it in engagement ring form, too. If you think a proposal is coming your way and feel yourself in need of some inspiration, yellow gold engagement rings are impeccable whether your taste skews classic or contemporary.

The yellow gold trend kicked off in the engagement ring market thanks to the resurgence of unique vintage and retro-inspired styles. Whether you want an artfully etched band with micro-pavé accents, a classic round-cut diamond set on a slim gold band, or an elegant emerald-cut ring festooned with side baguettes, any stone looks good with the Midas touch.

For classic tastes, pear, oval, emerald-cut and cushion-cut diamonds are gorgeous in a yellow-gold setting. Pearls are a gorgeous diamond alternative that is equally classic in a yellow-gold setting, too.

You can take the yellow gold engagement ring look a step further and opt for a colorful stone—another big trend in the engagement ring market. In a yellow-gold setting, the effect is full-on vintage—you can even consider a raw, rustic, or rough-cut diamond if an antique look suits your taste. For a royal-inspired look á la Kate Middleton, why not go for a sapphire stone in yellow gold? So regal.

If a contemporary ring is up your alley, consider a super-modern style like an East-West setting, two-stone ring, hexagon shape, or trillion-cut diamond. Each of these styles is perfect for modern brides who want a less-than-cookie-cutter engagement ring.

Whatever your taste—or budget!—we found 84 stunning yellow-gold engagement rings to inspire you from glamorous and diamond-dusted styles to sleek solitaires and vintage-style silhouettes. We’re confident we scouted the perfect yellow-gold engagement ring for every kind of bride-to-be.

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