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respects your role as single mom

When it comes to dating, single Moms have an unmatched set of challenges from loads of laundry to schedule limitations and of course, anticipated dealings with the ex. If the relations with the ex are rather tense, it is better to seek for legal advice from a reputable law firm like Law Office of Seth C. Weston. That’s why it’s important when you start dating again, to find a new guy who respects your role as single Mom.

You can be sure that your new guy respects your role as a single mom when he meets the following criteria.

Read on!

1. He recognizes that your time alone with the children is sacred.

When single moms share custody of the children, we have half of the time to spend with our babies. This also equates to half of the financial, physical, and emotional help. Our time is often spent running baby hitters to baseball or future leaders to scouts. We finally arrive home to cook, clean, and play catch up on 5+ loads of laundry.

Your new guy surely adores and respects your lifestyle when he refrains from blowing up your phone, never insists on non-stop communication, and does not take your precious attention away from your kids. When a man is willing to make himself available to you as needed, you can bet all in that he respects your single-mama-situation.

2. He allows you to take the lead when it comes to meeting (or not meeting) your kids.

If your new man has your best interests in mind, this will automatically include the wellbeing of your children as well. As a single mama, you run the show. A man pushing his way (or running away) will certainly not benefit you or your little ones. A good man is aware that as their mama, you know when the time is right for introductions to their kids. He will patiently, yet eagerly wait for you to give “the high sign.” This is the ultimate expression of his respect for your life and your little ones.

3. He remembers the smallest details of your crazy, busy life.

From the broken bathroom fan to your love of Reese’s peanut butter cups, he recalls the little things and strives to make your life better. Your new guy is certainly falling for you when he sneaks your favorite chocolate into your purse during a rough week. If so, he definitely respects your way of living. Keep him around and be sure to kindly return the sweetness!

4. He offers his help in non-threatening ways.

Access to your home is a boundary that must be respected. Safety is a priority. Allowing a new man into your home should take tender consideration. A man respects you when he appreciates your set boundaries. He admires your role as a single mama when he offers his assistance and doesn’t get butt-hurt if you just aren’t ready yet.

He may still seek other ways in which to help, like picking up an item from Lowe’s that you once mentioned you needed. Which, by the way, is a surefire sign of R-E-S-P-E-C-T.

5. He encourages the pursuit of your own interests and hobbies.

Your new man shows his respect for your when he is agreeable to your alone time, in fact, he expects you to seek solo space. He knows that you were whole and happy before him and a good dude has his own life interests too. He never wants you to lose your spark.

Do your thang, girl! Your new man respects you when he cheers you on from the sideline and finds ways to incorporate your likes into his life, too.

6. He suggests date nights several days in advance.

When you value your time and role as a single mother, you leave potential suitors no choice but to also value the same of you. Look at you workin’ full time, raising kids, maintaining a home, and writing articles for a website. You are one, busy lady!

When your new beau is into you, he will enthusiastically offer plans for future dates well ahead of time to allow for childcare and schedule changes. You can totally expect this to happen when a man is serious about enjoying time with you outside of your role as mom.

7. He validates your emotional needs.

Mothers have the toughest job in the world and here you are managing solo! You are Wonder Woman, but even the baddest DC heroes have needs.  When a man takes the time to listen to you vent, encourages you to share your feelings, and then supports your needs wholeheartedly without awkwardly brushing you off, these are big, beautiful signs that he respects your superpowers. And he just may be your Superman! Get it, girl!

Assess your current dating situation and if the R-E-S-P-E-C-T is lacking, as the late Aretha Franklin once sang, “Respect when you come home, or you just might walk in and find out I’m gone!”

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